A small buff to ice fishing that may help players bring them self's to do it more often because it will be something that they might as well and increase to sprain severity.


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You know those times when you just need to prepare a bunch of tea ingredients or read a book but, you don't want to waist day light. I think that with level three fishing you should be able to perform reading, handcrafts, and rabbit harvesting while your fishing with a increased chance of breaking your line and/or decreased efficiency while performing this maneuver. This also makes the rather boring ice fishing skill levels a little more interesting by making the stuff wiht each level a little more interesting. There could be an additional upgrade at four and five that removes' the de-buff. I think level three so, that it doesn't break the early game and early enough so, even if the player isn't a fan of fishing they will eventually get to it. Okay so, maybe fishing needs to be a little easier to level up too three. Level three fishing is also late enough that players that don't really on fishing will have already gotten their other skills (except gunsmithing and revolver) up to the point where books hardly matter and can be hard to spend time reading. I keep getting gunsmithing books that never read because I won't be making my way to bleak inlet for hundreds of days if I read those books, say while fishing. Then I might make my way over there sooner meaning I would get to engage with those systems. Personally I think that fishing is fine as is on all difficulties, but I know lots of other players need an extra incentive or lack of incentive to not, to use it as a food source. At least as mid-late game one.

       Because I'm not a fan of the game getting easier this ought to be accompanied with something getting harder. Like say perhaps sprains had stricter circumstances that could happen but, had effects even they have been healed. For example sprained ankles could half your sprint stamina for the next day and sprain wrists could do the same for your aim stamina. Perhaps using pain killers would reduce the effect to a quarter giving them a use again. Better yet as the time runs down the percentage reduced is decreased so, at 24hours remaining the effect is 1/2 but, at 10hours remaining the effect is 1/5 (number need tweaking of course) and then taking pain killers would reduce all residual sprain effects to 1 for an hour of two.


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As I see it, fishing as implemented is never going to be great because it's too binary. Either it's worth it and you do it a lot, or it's not worth it and you never do it. There is very little inbetween time where it's worth doing it for an hour here and there over doing something else.

I personally turn off fishing because I think it's too good. I think if they made fishing worse so it's not worth fishing to keep yourself alive, but also allowed you to do things while fishing that might work for me. It wouldn't be something you would do all the time, but it could reward you for planning which I like.

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Fishing is already way too OP as a food source on anything below Interloper and maybe even on Interloper itself, especially when you get to L4 onwards. Being able to do other stuff while getting tons of food at literally zero risk might make it too broken IMO.

Though I'd like to have a 30-minute option for reading skill books.

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Always a big fan of your ideas, regentRelic, though I find myself disagreeing with this one. Simply because I believe there is a better way to do it.

Its quite simple, really. I think that at level 3 of fishing, one should be able to create fishing snares/traps. So, while the option to fish would still be there, one could also just break the ice to set up a fishing trap to leave it there for a long time, with a hope of catching from 0 to 5 fish. As these fishing traps are usually a cental line with a lot of lines and hooks to increase a potential of getting a catch, even multiple catches. It does provide a way to get the fish without having to spend the time fishing, the demerit there is that you will have to break the ice again to get the catch out. And you might just not catch anything. 

I do agree with the sentiment of others that fishing is quite easy in the game.

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