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  1. If Hinterland made extra survival-mode maps as DLC for $3 or $5, I would happily pay that money. I also think that a 'rescue-ending' DLC would be a good way to deal with the strongly polarised opinions on the forum (as many people seem to be either very favourable or very against a 'happy ending'). What I mean is: if you have to opt into an ending by buying the DLC for it, then there is no impact upon those who don't want it. If you prefer TLD with a continuous non-ending sandbox, then don't buy the (theoretical) DLC that I suggested, and it won't even be an option to distract you. I
  2. As a compromise, I'd like to suggest a late-game idea that shouldn't take too much effort from Devs...... Can we have more steam achievements with a mid-late game focus? Things such as.. Survive 10 / 50 / 100 days on Stalker or Interloper (to show we've gone some distance on a harder difficulty setting). Or something similar to winter in July event (drink 25 maple syrup) like drink 50 summit soda in one play through. Maybe include a few 'negative' achievements such as : Don't swim there (awarded for falling through the ice 5 times) Collecting achievements can extend the play time of
  3. I believe it's been previously stated that chopping down trees is not possible because of the way trees are coded. I would be happy to see some expanded base-building options, whatever is possible to add. I don't know what resource diversity could be added, a sledge of some kind has been asked for a lot (personally, not a big fan of sledge), maybe we could have a heavy-duty lumberjack axe (4kg) that halfs the time and calories to chop wood - something mostly left at home unless going out for wood. Coal respawning in the coal mines and deep caves is the equivalent of mining it
  4. I've always thought that homes and trailers are warm because they have big propane tanks outside, and the warmth represents a nesting system being left on.
  5. There is a game pretty much exactly what you've described. It's called Osiris: New Dawn. currently, TLD is a far superior game, but I'm hopeful Osiris will get better with updates. Hinterland has done such an amazing job with TLD, and if Himterland releases any new games in the future, I'd be very interested to buy them.
  6. I'm a big fan of expanded crafting, some good suggestions there. To address the woodcutting issue, perhaps we could have a 2-handed heavy duty woodcutting axe (3 or 4kg ?) that, if used to choose wood logs, reduces the time from 45 mins to 20 mins. It's a big, heavy thing, so you'd only take it out when going specifically for firewood. Being heavy duty, takes extra calories to do the other normal hatchet tasks (although, perhaps a bonus to harvesting frozen carcass?). Also, I would love a Blackpowder Flintlock Muzzleloader. Maybe a use for all the leftover newspaper could be making p
  7. Omnijack

    Map marker

    In story mode, the white arrow on the map is your GPS tag, and functions as a marker. In survival mode, you are meant to get lost in a blizzard, that's what makes them challenging. Having said that, spray paint can function as a map marker if you're lost.
  8. You are right that they are usually cotton based. In general, I try to limit my suggestions on the forum to using items already in the game so that devs already have the assets. Perhaps Cattail plant heads could be used in conjuction with rabbit skins? They should be fibrous on the inside.
  9. I like the idea of boiling bandages to re-use. I'm sure it's been suggested before, but, what is the current opinion on Rabbit skin or Deer Hide to craft my own bandages?
  10. I think an animal companion would diminish the sense of isolation that's core to the game.
  11. There's been a lot of discussion about a 'Rescue' ending for Survival mode. I would like to see the option to toggle on at the start of a Sandbox (so it's not imposed upon people who don't want it). If the electronic damaging Aurora can't be fixed, I imagine the world would resort to 19th century steam technology. Maybe the 'Ending' could be a group of people showing up after 350 days, looking for Coal because it's been made dramatically more important by the Aurora. Sometime in the future, I'll make a big post of all my ideas for ending options.
  12. I'd like to see Soup or Stew as an option. I'm a big fan of expanded crafting opportunities. I would love to be able to make 2L of soup in a cooking pot, then take 4 empty cans, 4 scrap metal and workbench + tools ------> Craft my own soup tins. It'd give a use for empty cans, whilst also providing portable calories for an expedition.
  13. I like the idea for the Island. I would have suggested the map be 3 small islands linked together by frozen ice. Named "the 3 cubs" so that we have Great bear + cubs. Perhaps make one of the islands more industrial themed, give it a deep sea wharf and heavy cranes: it's a former loading on point for coal barges to export the Coal from the mines. Access is granted with a Dangerous railway bridge that connects to the mainland. That'd add some element of backstory fir how heavy machinery (dam, railway) was transported to Great Bear without using shallow draft boats. If Hinterland
  14. I think +50% to average weight is too strong, perhaps +20% would be more appropriate. If not added as a badge, I'd be happy with a steam achievement. More steam achievements would be nice just to have.