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  1. What if you could can some Venison or Bear meat using something like.... Empty Can + scrap metal + heavy hammer + work bench + Meat. perhaps scrap lead instead of scrap metal (it's soft enough to hammer into a lid shape). I'm not worried about lead poisoning in future years because I'm just trying to live a few more days in the snow.
  2. I'd love to be able to read skill books in 30-minute increments, not just 1 hour blocks. It'd help me sooo much with cooking.
  3. I like the idea of a badge for 'Win 100 wolf struggles' ......The benefit could be improved struggle effectiveness. I think that badges are the way to do buffs for improved fitness that AJB1978 was asking for, rather than inherent improvement over time.
  4. There are some tables and flat surfaces that I'd love to clear of the inbuilt trash. The kitchen in Grey Mother's house annoys me, because I want to display things in neat rows. If possible, can we get an option to craft wooden shelves from Cedar, Fir and reclaimed wood (perhaps scrap metal needed for improvised nails). I'd like to be able to personalise the building(s) I live in, and I think creating my own storage shelves would help with that. Maybe they are only 'green' for placement up against an interior wall.
  5. It'd be cool to have a rare loot chance on frozen bodies to pick up a partially completed charcoal map section. We can put it to better use the unfortunate survivor we loot it from.
  6. For a basic day counter, msybe we could use the survival knife to scratch hashmarks in the wood of a building or wall of a cave. I imagine it like an inmate in a prison movie.
  7. I think electronics are out of action, excepting during weird Aurora. having said that, it'd be cool if there was a large crafting project to 'retrofit' an electric oven into a stove with 4 burners. Time to get medieval. Maybe using a workbench, heavy hammer, collecting a metal pail from the environment, you craft a Firebox (10 hours?) that goes inside the oven (need toolkit to install), plus an obnoxious amount of scrap metal (like 12 pieces). Lead is malleable enough to hammer into the shapes you need (gotta decide if this car battery is gonna be bullets or part of a stove), and making an improvised smoke-chimney might need a dozen empty cans linked together (need can opener to remove the bottoms from them). The idea is... a lot of effort, a lot of resources, but when you're done.... stand back with hands on hips and think to yourself 'Good Job, Me' - this place is a bit more of a home.
  8. Meat stew would be great, I generally favour new crafting options. Maybe something as simple as mushroom soup? I find I have stacks of reishi lying around. Thermos Flask is definitely thematically appropriate. I don't know how much I'd use one, the warming up bonus is good, but at a cost of 0.50kg base and +0.75kg filled with 3x soup (or whatever). Perhaps if I was heading out somewhere like HRV I'd take a Thermos with me. Glow sticks could work well, the long duration compared to a flare is offset by not scaring wolves, not being able to start a fire. For most cave exploring 6 hours burn time is overkill, but it's a good duration for reading / crafting in the dark.
  9. Omnijack


    I would wear those. Could you make a Cougar fur scarf? Something stylish to accompany my Rabbitskin hat. I'd like to see more crafting options for clothes, especially if a new animal is introduced. Maybe something that's more complex and composite, like a shirt that requires 12 Rabbit skins + 2 Wolf skins +6 pieces of cloth. Or, upgrading the 'worse' man-made clothing... such as T-shirt or Hoodie by sewing them together with wolf hide or rabbit skin(s).
  10. Maybe we could get Canadian Geese? seems like a long shot because bird behavior is so different from the animals we currently have.
  11. I think the tallow candle idea is great, I like how crafting works in TLD. This would be a good use of spare empty cans. I am, however, concerned this might make an easy source of portable fire, so perhaps shouldn't be able to start a fire (as the lantern cannot). In general, I'd like to see more crafting added to the game. If the empty can is permanently destroyed by making a candle, it'd be another finite resource. The wind should have a very high chance to blow out candles. On a semi-related idea.. can we disassemble a lantern to get the firestriker out of it, with condition equal to the lantern?
  12. I think he means a zippo style lighter, that burns oil. Its a problematic idea, because it introduces an easy, near-infinite indoor fire source. Matches are sooo valued because one day they'll run out, and all that'll be left is the magnifying glass. I would be happy to see a cigarette lighter added on Pilgrim-Voyager only, or possibly as a $2 DLC called "start with a lighter in your pocket".
  13. Hand crank sewing machine is a cool idea. If we're getting a gun locker, I'd suggest a hidden key for it with 5-6 possible spawn locations.
  14. Omnijack

    Coal Mining

    Wait, why are you burning a coal fire through the night? I pretty much just use coal for forging.
  15. I don't feel we need NPCs in the survival sandbox. Story mode is a good place for voice-acted NPCs. Normally, I'm in favour of making things Optional, so as not to intrude upon other players... but in this case, I don't even think the option should be added. The Sandbox is about surviving yourself, not trading for items. if there was a "The Long Dark 2: Longer and Harder" sequal game, I think a trading post mechanic would be cool, but it's something that has to be in-built from the beginning.