Old new bugs in the game

Martin King

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7. The level of difficulty in Challenges has become lower. For example, during the fall 2020 event Escape the Darkwalker, it was difficult to play. But after the release of the Winter Update and after the official addition of the Escape the Darkwalker in the game, it became so easy that when you play it, the Darkwalker does not have time to catch up with you and you have to wait for him. And there is that problem with many difficult Challenges. It seems that the difficulty level has been reduced. Could you add a level of difficulty to the Challenges, like when starting in Survival Mode? 

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1.i don't remember catch9jg that one

2. Flares fire up fine for me, never seen any anomalies 

3.small branches? That's a feature.

4. Haven't played nomad, but remember seeing reports of that happening.

5. Just a typo, I'm sure they'll take care of it soon some day.

6. Haven't seen that problem with flare either.

7. Not a bug.

8. They don't bump, but rather decide it's time to go some place else.


Most of this stuff seems like backburner worthy tbh. 😊Hinterland probably works out critical bugs first and with this whole ep.4,5 crunch, oye....

Good luck my friend!:)))

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On 4/24/2021 at 11:40 PM, Martin King said:

5. The problem with localization in the name of Farmhouse Basement in Russian. It should not be Фермерсого, but Фермерского.

И вообще это не фундамент, а подвал. 🙃

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12 minutes ago, Stinky socks said:

у тебя по-русски субтитры говорят фундамент?

Про субтитры я не в курсе, а вот на скриншоте автора написано "фундамент". В оригинальной русской локализации подвал именно так и называется.

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On 5/3/2021 at 5:34 PM, Stinky socks said:

гугл транслэйт "ёрли бэта"

...and I thought to have forgotten Russian 30 years ago... - turns out I missed when it transitioned to simply writing English phonetically with Cyrillic letters 😉 Novuy Russkiy Yazuk?

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