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  1. Half of these bugs were sent to tech support a long time ago, and it's a shame that they still haven't been fixed.
  2. 8. Animals in the Main menu behave strangely. For example, they often bump into some textures, get stuck in them, turn around and go the other way
  3. 7. The level of difficulty in Challenges has become lower. For example, during the fall 2020 event Escape the Darkwalker, it was difficult to play. But after the release of the Winter Update and after the official addition of the Escape the Darkwalker in the game, it became so easy that when you play it, the Darkwalker does not have time to catch up with you and you have to wait for him. And there is that problem with many difficult Challenges. It seems that the difficulty level has been reduced. Could you add a level of difficulty to the Challenges, like when starting in Survival Mode?
  4. 6. There's a problem with the flare. The cap is missing, but it appears when loading in a house. Untitled.mp4
  5. 5. The problem with localization in the name of Farmhouse Basement in Russian. It should not be Фермерсого, but Фермерского.
  6. 4. Incorrect counting of days in The Nomad Challenge. Instead of 3 full days of living at each location, you have to live for 10 days.
  7. 3. Problem with the animation during the lighting a flare.
  8. 2. Little branches in the cave between Milton and Mystery Lake.
  9. 1. A flying piece of road near the Gray Mother's house.
  10. Hey, Hinterland! Here are some bugs in the game that I sent to tech support for 2 years, but which were never fixed. Also a couple of my ideas, suggestions and comments.