Nomad Challenge = BORED TO DEATH


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Great googaly moogaly, this challenge is so bugged.

Spend three days inside each location? I just stood inside the Camp Office, passing time for 12 hours straight, and found the Journal time for it went from 2.1 days to 2.4 days. WHAT PLANET IS THIS GAME ON that days last 40 HOURS? I'm finding myself doing dumb things (like deliberately going BEAR HUNTING) just to keep it mildly interesting. At the proscribed difficulty for the challenge, I'm swimming in bullets, arrows, prepared food, medications, tools, and there's barely a predator to be found. Went bear hunting so I could have a second hide curing while I STAND AROUND DOING NOTHING. Bedroll, here I come.


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I also completed Nomad today but it was a chore. It is mostly about finding some food or hunt a deer before settling in into the next location. Then passing time.
Loot settings are very easy and food poisoning seems to be off. 
This mission is so boring. The most fun part is going out to boil some water...

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On 3/10/2021 at 1:00 PM, stmSantana said:

There is a bug in the current version.
Now it's 6 days instead of 3 days ... More precisely 160 hours. 

On 3/11/2021 at 12:44 AM, straffin said:

This isn't a new issue, tho... been this way for months

I'd recommend folks report it via the Support Portal.  That way (in the off chance that they are not already) the Hinterland Team can track and hopefully fix that issue.  Also, I'd imagine that if more folks reported it... it's possible that it could maybe become a higher priority fix.


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