Possible Ash Canyon Issue/Bug


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Today I've been doing a run in Ash Canyon where I've set "Loose Item Availability to "High." and have noticed something... Are the loose flares in Ash Canyon respawning?  I keep finding more and more of them in areas I've already been and, I'm pretty sure, have picked up flares before. 

I also have one case of a missing lantern that I'm pretty sure I left in the gold mine area for use when I came back.  It's nowhere to be found there nor is it accounted for in any of my containers where I'm accumulating loot in the zone.  I'm pretty sure I didn't drop it and, so far, I haven't found it lying in the snow along any of the paths I've traveled since I last used it as I left the mine.  I've never opened my inventory on any of the bridges, so I'm sure it didn't drop through one of them.  I'm starting to think it may have been deleted and replaced by a respawning flare.

Anyone have a similar "I'm sure I picked that up already" type moment or figured something they left behind just disappeared?


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1 hour ago, hozz1235 said:

Can't say I have.  You could try to recreate it with a new game with the exact same settings.  Take screen shots of items you suspect as re/depsawning.

That's a good idea... I could even do that in the current filesave.  If they have respawned once, I see no reason why they won't respawn again.  I'll take the screenshots and wait the month ingame time (I'm at day 30 now) and see what happens.  Meanwhile, I'll also keep looking for my lost lantern.  Thanks for the idea.

ETA:  Definitely an issue of some kind happening... I just picked up 5 books of matches at the end of the first rope bridge you cross going from the mine back to Miner's Folly... a bridge I've been already over multiple times... and I might have missed seeing one book lying in the snow, but not 5 of them floating an inch above the little wooden ramp that transitions you from the bridge to the ground.

It might be the custom ";loose item availability' setting or it might be related to Ash Canyon (or a combination of both).  I've pushed the "loose item availability"setting before while in Broken Railroad and not noticed this sort of thing there.  It also controls beachcombing items though, which do respawn... so there may be some sort of code conflict occurring in Ash Canyon.

I also have another lingering video issue with the loading screens that I've been talking with Hinterland about and we suspect is a file corruption from when I downloaded the Hesitant Prospect update (but I have to take my Xbox into the city before I go to uninstall and reinstall the whole game or it's going to take forever with my internet here).

So, if this issue is also just limited to me.. it hopefully might resolve itself when I'm eventually able to try a reinstall.


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1 hour ago, ManicManiac said:

I think this should should be reported so the Support Team can look into it.


If someone else is noticing the same sort of oddities, I will report it straight away.

If it's just me, I'm going to wait until after I can try doing the full uninstall/reinstall that Hinterland has suggested for my scrambled loading screen problem.  It may just be a file corruption issue unique to my download of the Hesitant Prospect update (because I had problems with my internet when I downloaded it).  However, I have to drive into the city to get better internet while doing a full reinstall of the game... so that's going to be a week or so yet before I can try that out.

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I still have my older save going, I can head back there sometime to check on those rope bridges as well.   The last time I was up there, I think it was odd that I found a pack of matches... I would have sworn that I picked them all up the first time I mapped the area.  However, at the time I'd just given the benefit of the doubt that it was just something I missed.

This time, I'll know better... and if I find anything that has apparently re-spawned, I'll be submitting a report as well.  :)

Good catch, I appreciate the good lookin'-out.


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I've just visited AC on a new run, and I have been finding excessive matches on bridges - not as many as you, but I've found up to 2 of them on each end of a bridge!

<edit>  Look what I just found in the "cave" near Wolf's Jaw Lookout:


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