Is killing moose with the Flare Gun difficult?

Gun Tech.

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Friggin Outstanding!!!

🎶 Bullwinkle with your nose so bright,
you're glowing like an Aurora light!
One more shot straight up your nose
is all it takes and then your steaks! 🎶

Thank you sir for the inspiration!


...I wish I could like this more than once!

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Kimiota recently had been doing  a Flare Moose Challenge... to kill 5 moose with the 12 available shots with the flare pistol.  I know he managed 4 moose on one attempt, but I don't think he ever got to 5.  To get an assured critical hit is next to impossible given the RNG component when deciding if the player gets a crit on top of the aiming characteristics of the flare gun.

OP - Gotta love the frozen floating forward your moose did.  I've been seeing a lot of that lately, but usually not for that long at a time.

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Same here, I was going to the Dam but decided to stay and try it. :)

@piddy3825 awesome poem 😁

@Mistral awesome and yes, you need 1-4 good hits on Interloper, Deadman is Interloper with condition recovery at rest turned off.

@UpUpAway95 yep we're friends on Twitch, and I caught a little bit of him trying to figure out how to get the # hits down. I knew from my understanding of the mechanics that the challenge could be up to just # of tries. But he seemed firmly convinced he could, so I stayed quiet. He'd just say no and I would sound negative.

And besides, if players observe and analyze, some factor or method might be found and exploited. I just summited on this character, so I could try for 4 moose on 8 shells as I pass them by, I'm going to loot the regions anyway.

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It takes considerable more aiming than would be expected.  I decided to try my luck as well up on TWM is where i sought my prey and I wasn't disappointed.  
I arrived there with two other pistols, the one from the Ravine and the other from Bleak Inlet.  Between those flare guns and the shells I've collected I had 17 rounds of flaregun ammo.  when I did finally engage a moose, it took me 4 shorts before I actually finally hit him... once!  Then I tracked his ass back and forth and fired 3 more rounds before the final strike put him down.  It was however only two actual strikes need to put him down.  I shot a total of 9 flares...


When I finally hit the moose he bolted bobbing and weaving and glowing like a carnival ride


the second and final flare strike buried itself deeply in the nasal cavity dropping him immediately and just smoldered until it ran out...

Fun times, indeed!


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