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An unusual thing happened recently after I posted an issue about lost key bindings in the Technical Discussions sub-forum: I got bumps to my reputation corresponding to about a 15% boost to what I had accumulated over the post couple of years.  Although that's a good thing, I wondered why.   I occurred to me that it might have been the specific keys, so I thought I should share them here.

As you know, the default key for Sprint is [Left-Shift].  I found that awkward.  Sometimes, like the beginning of an interloper game where you haven't been to a forge yet, sprinting is really, really important.  I liked the idea of using the [R] key.  It's easily accessible while you are pressing the [W] key to walk and 'R' stands for run.  Since the default binding of the [R] key is for Reload, why not use the [L] key for that (as in Load).

So, I changed the key for reloading my weapon to [L], then changed the key for Sprinting/Running to [R].

While traveling in a tight situation, I have my middle finger pressing the [W] key, with the finger to the left resting above the [2] key (to ready my weapon if needed), and my finger to the right on the [R] key (to run away, if that's the best option).  This is my 'Fight or Flight' travel mode. 

Try it, you might like it.  :)


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