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So I've decided  to   move from PV to CH and on my  way  back to  home  in  PV I found a moose. It was cold, I was tired and  I had no  rifle with  me, so I decided to go  home(farmhouse)  and rest until  I can hunt it down.  when I woken up I stayed   30 minutes to search for it but no luck, any tips?

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Damaged trees indicate that a moose can spawn there.  They don't ever spawn where the trees are not damaged that way.  Moose will spawn and then may despawn and then may respawn in a day or two.  It's kind of like a game of hide and seek with them.

Also, I should note that different runs will spawn the damaged trees in different spots, so the moose areas in one run may not be moose areas in another.

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I read somewhere (will link to source later if I remember it) that there is only ever one moose on Great Bear Island, that will randomly appear at one of the moose locations (as indicated by the bark rubs) each day.  So in theory, if it was possible to visit every possible moose spawn area in a day, you would find the moose.

I think the spawn point is random each day, so for example if you were waiting by Trapper's Cabin, you could potentially see the moose in two consecutive days, but then not for a week or more.  If this is how the mechanic works, then I'd imagine with each new region (and spawn point) that is added to the game, the chances of bumping into a moose at any given spot reduces somewhat.  I think this also means that once you kill a moose, no other moose will appear until it respawns, so harvesting all the guts/meat will hasten the arrival of the 'new' moose on the island.

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1 hour ago, Hawk said:

For whatever it's worth.

Also, the above Locations link gives the locations in each region where a moose will spawn.

There's a good bit of useful information at the Wiki about the moose too. ;)

It seems to me that I remember reading that moose respawn about every 2 weeks or so per location. I could be wrong on that. My rememberer isn't as good as it once was. 9_9

Despite what the wiki says about it taking two weeks to respawn, I think it's variable depending on the respawn rate set for that game world (ref:  custom settings).  The "hide & seek" factor I mentioned where they spawn, disappear, and the respawn shortly after is a bit of a glitch I think.  I've even watched it happen.  Went into the Hunting Lodge after spotting the moose out front of it, grabbed the rifle, came out and the moose was gone despite walking throughout the area (and he's not hard to find generally)... then while walking back towards the marshy area from the cave near the rabbit grove, I literally saw him appear before my eyes standing in the marshy area again.

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58 minutes ago, Hawk said:

I didn't say I read that at the Wiki. I simply said I thought I remembered reading it. The Wiki doesn't say anything about how often they respawn specifically.

That said, I believe you're right in that the respawn rate is based on the difficulty level the player is playing in.

Sorry, I must have misread your post.  My old eyes having been seeing things too well recently.

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