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  1. Thanks man, I already knew everything except the coffee one, I'm good at the game and I know these, I was just wondering if it was just me, thanks anyway
  2. Ok so I kinda discovered everything in BR and I don't know what region to go in next, either CH or PV. or whatever you recommend me
  3. Pufuletul_19


    Hello everybody, I don't know if it's just me but the running bar empties fast but recharges so so slow, and the energy as well, I can barely walk half of region and have like 10/15% energy left, I usually carry with me 28-31 (when I'm not hunting or looting, just scavenging) and loose energy too fast, Is it because of the items I carry or my clothes? Please help me
  4. well, thanks, good to know
  5. thanks man I appreciate it!
  6. wow....150 dayyyys, GG, my best is curently 56 but bro....150 days and no moose? WTF :)))
  7. An update, I reached broken railroad, I'm at maintenance yard, any suggestions?
  8. Oh ok thanks, I'll kepp that in mind (btw I found a food shelter on the mountain near the climbing rope, is it the only one in the Mystery lake in my run?)
  9. Thanks, I have a lot of rubbed trees as well but no moose
  10. I remember, but for now I want to stay a bit more in mistery lake (recommend me if it's better to move)
  11. Okay thanks they might been very rare then....thanks again
  12. Hello everybody, I want to know where can I get the most moose in mystery lake, please :)
  13. Thanks man, I appreciate it, anyway I went to the dam, trappers homestead and the unnamed pond but nothing. Thanks anyway
  14. Hello y'all, I was just trying to craft a moose-hide satchel and I need to find some moose, I'm currently in Mystery Lake, do you know where are some moose spawn locations?