Ash Canyon: Rope bridges


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I am now walking though the Ash Canyon. Passed few rope bridges. It was not so terryfying because every time I passed the bridge, there was fog, so I could not see down. My question is. These bridges are swaying. Is it possible it could sway away so my character would fall? Like the character would stay on edge of the bridge and it would sway away. I was counter moving and did not stay long time on it. Just curious.

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I'm assuming the character can fall wherever the rope sections are broken.  I don't think the swaying moves the character though, so a steady hand on the control should keep the character moving along the bridge.  Perrsonally, I've always found rope bridges disorienting IRL and my response while crossing in the game felt very similar.  I did feel like I was struggling to stay on the bridge.  Whatever the effect is that Hinterland used, I thought it was very well done... not abjectly terrifying but certainly unsettling.

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8 hours ago, peteloud said:

I think that these swaying suspension footbridges are one of the cleverest visual/psychological  'tricks' in TLD.  I really do feel a little queasy when I use them.

In fact, the effect doesn't seem to be all that complicated.  Well done HTL.

yes well done indeed.  I've developed a moderate case of acrophobia over the past few years since the unfortunate ladder accident and I must admit that when crossing these rope bridges I can feel my testicles actively retract as I step out on the planking.  yes, Well done indeed, Hinterland.

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I am not so sure it is only mind trick. Right now I was staying before the bridge from Miners Foly. Mid of the bridge was swaying. It was swaying so much, the mid of the width became almost edge. When I was crossing, I had to compensate for the sway. If I would go straight, the journey of my Astrid would get quick downwards direction.

I will test it later with my expendable Voyager. Astrid is aspiring to get 500 days badge.

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I did some test with Mr Expendable:

  1. I tried to move from the bridge where railing was present. It was not possible.
  2. Character moved to place without railing and walked out. It was possible and character would have died. But the fall is long. I think it would be 3 seconds. Escape and quit the game saved the character. (strange was my character was not crying during the fall)
  3. I let the character stand in mid of the bridge length (largest amplitude) on the edge of the bridge where the railing was missing. The bridge was swaying under feet, but character did not fell.
  4. The character was standing on one bridge entrance and aimed revolver at the oposite one. Then I hit forward without touching mouse. The movement was first smoth. But after half of the bridge, the character was like overcoming some obstacles or falling from steps. Character did not fall. 


  • Bridge will not sway away from underneath your feet when you are standing.
  • Railings areas are safe. Of course only on the side of the railing.
  • One can fall from the bridge if not careful. Do not think you can just go forward. You need to compensate the bridge movements.
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