Favorite Landmark/Location?


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40 minutes ago, hozz1235 said:

Mine has the Carter Hydro Dam.  Why?  It's one of the original game locations, the largest, the involvement it's had with Story Mode, the sounds, the unique features...I could go on.

Don't forget Fluffy too, lol!

Here is my favorite landmark/location.

In Mystery Lake, the actual lake. Why? Because I love lakes, I love the name and its also practical due to loot in the buildings and the fishing huts where you can fish. If you're lucky, maybe get a deer. Yes, there are wolves and a bear but if you have yourself protection and offense(weapons), you can turn that to your advantage.


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Visually, I think for drama the trestle bridge with the thundering waterfall and vertigo inducing drop is the scariest. 

I like the trappers cabin from an aesthetic standpoint. Especially at night, from a medium distance, with the windows lit and aurora. It seems cozy amidst an ethereal setting then. It has a nice view too.


Another is the lighthouse in Desolation Point. Cause I love lighthouses. Nothing deeper than that.

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For me it is Timber Wolf Mountain Summit. It was the place i had to really work to get there when i started to play this game and when i finally got there, i felt like i was on top of the world :D It is still the place i have to get even loper runs.

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