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  1. I just consumed bear meat with level 5 cooking and it was fine.
  2. I'm not a biggest fan of wolves in this game and after introdusing timberwolfs i think there is enough wolves around already. Meaby HRV caves you could see wolves more often but something like farnhouse in Pleasant Valley, no.
  3. There isn't anything to eat for wolves. So wolves might briefly visit indoors to look what is going on but return outside as soon as they realise: "no food here" "Must go back".
  4. I saw moose at day one and tought "this is some sort of f u from game" . After i got bow and arrows, no moose sightings. I tought i have all done by day 70 but atleast this time it takes more than that. I think i got bit carried away with rabbit hunting, i had fifteen hides at day 6. One would say i was swimming in rabbit meat For me bear coat is just something i want to test. Is it really that bad what others say. I know it takes huge chunk of your mobility circle? and it weighs a lot. I can only hope it keeps wolves away from me most of the time and that time it doesn't it provides fairly decent protection against biting.
  5. I never suggested to remove the whole wind effect to fire. And if you guys think i dump all my wood, sticks and coal in the fire at one go you are on the wrong track. I know that you have to consider wind direction and current weather when placing your camp fire. You have to think ahead when deciding whether or not to make fire at that spot you are currently looking at. If you think nursing fire one stick at a time is the way to go and Hinterland doesn't want to change that, so be it. I can live with that.
  6. And no back pack. If you want to see some crazy hands check Denis Cyplenkov. That guy probably would wrestle a bear to stay warm
  7. How many days has passed when you have almost all crafted? Now it is day 54 and i have two deerskin pants, rabbit mittens and hat. Bow and seven arrows (three is missing somewhere). Two bear hides curing for the jacket. 8 rabbit hides and plenty of guts (25 or something). Knife and hatchet. I think thats it what i have right now. I just got the second bear and have to wait 12 days for hide to cure. I think the first one is already cured. First bear was at Desolation point and this second one in Milton.
  8. Hi there, if i'm not mistaken, only moose is "one at a time" animal.
  9. I bet devs thought and conclusion is: Alright then, when it is under ten minutes it provides 1 celcius of warmth to surrounding area. Please don't do this!! I did
  10. You say it so often i have lost count Yeah, there are so many threats and only your well thought actions keeps you alive.
  11. What you listed here are valid points and good tips, but i think my gripe with this is how it is implemented. 12-1 hours to 9 minutes in a heart beat. I keep asking "where did the wood i just put there has gone?". Honestly, this isn't that big of a deal as it might seem and i have successfully keep fire multiple times "middle of nowhere" over blizzard. I even remember one time quite good, it was in pleasant valley bit off the road which is between farm house and outdoor buildings, there is bridge and beside that has huge'ish rock and i was between that rock and road covered in three sides and got away with it and end up in farm house without freezing my but off while trying to get there.
  12. I have found revolver in that spot. BR and maintenance yard.
  13. Sorry, i somehow missed this guestion. Yes it makes game little bit easier. Less wood laying around would be good counter measure. While they are at it, they could make option how many pieces of wood you would like to take with you when chopping branches.