THERE ARE BEARS! and other wild animals


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I was about to leave pleasant valley when a beat suprised me. Luckily i ran past it and got away. SO BE AWARE! And you have probably already come across a wolf of you have been playing this event for at least a day of in-game time. So even of you can not defend yoursel from the darwalker with firearms, you should still keep a gun on you!

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Fortunately on my first run I didn't run afoul of bears or moose...  Though considering where I'd wandered though, it was a very real possibility.

What I dread the most, are Timber Wolf Packs in Bleak Inlet.  If BI isn't hit during that wildlife grace period, then I'd be hesitant wandering though there. 

I mean for my personal challenge, I had to exclusively live there until my mapping task was done...  I made it out unscathed, but that was only because of a lot of patience, careful planning, and even more careful shots.  All things I wouldn't have the luxury of doing between being hunted by the Darkwalker and the Blighted Fog.


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