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I think I know the answer to this one, but wanted to ask anyway in case I'm missing something. 

Is sleep even possible in this mode? 

I'm assuming not because of the constant pressure of the Walker.  I'm thinking we have to survive as long as we can on coffee, energy drinks, and stims.

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I was under the impression that the ward of the fire only lasted so long.  Do the green fires last until the zone is poison fogged?  

The reason i ask is I sprayed a ward next to my bed in the Quonset and tried to sleep but was "something has woken you up". 

I'll experiment with it tonight when I get to play.

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Yes its possible without the green campfires but with some risk... I slept for about 3 hours in the Upper Dam after placing a warding rune and still had 2/3 left when I woke up.

I slept through 2 runes and went to Lower Dam when fog was too thick and slept another few hours no ward and havent seen any sign of Darkstalker yet. 

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9 minutes ago, Wilderwalker said:

I learned that the Darkwalker moves in real time so you can safely do things like sleep and pass time as long as your needs are cared for.

That is super helpful to know.  Knowing how the mechanics work help to plan a strategy.  I was assuming the Darkwalker moved in game time so if I slept he'd just catch up with me and eat my face while I snoozed.

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I regularly took 10 hour naps indoors without problems. You can basically run off everywhere and sleep full rests indoors as it's real minutes, not game minutes. You don't ever have to make a fire or sleep outdoors (except at that first fire you find in pre-Darkwalker mode as that fire burns forever)

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The fog is tied to real time.
Sleeping, crafting, passing time is tied to game and real time.
Sleep for 10 hours takes 5 deconds of real time.
Before leaving any area stop and sleep to get fully rested before moving into the next area. Even if the fog is at 99%. It just effects your ability to see.
So even if it's at 100% you can pick up your sleeping bag. Take 2 steps and your out of the area.
It is a strategy to take as much time as you can in an area but if your just trying to get achievment. Keep on the move.

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I noticed that the dark walker was approaching me also during sleep and indoors, making me wake up out of anxiety. But sleeping at a green campfire or under the warding sign is possible with no risk. The sign and camp fire last about 3-4 hours game time. The fire timer starts as soon as You are close enough to be protected.

Out of habit I placed a warding sign at the entrance of a passing cave to block the dark walker for a while, but I am not sure if it helped. Taking away ropes does not help at all.

Oh, and all the spray cans, You are finding are glyph cans, not only the ones at campfires.

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