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Man I always think whenever I'm roaming around In The Long Dark I need a way to get around faster! I think skis would a great addition to the game not as a tool but as an accessory item you could equip in the clothing menu. As for the speed boost you would get or the mechanic on how these skis would work I'm not quite sure. I was thinking they could be crafted from saplings and cured gut or found in certain locations like the flare gun. ie timber wolf mountain. Maybe they would make you walk slower inside or stone? I think this would be a easy way for hinterland to add a movement item and have it fit the theme. Please share ideas.

TLDR: Skis that could be crafted or found in certain places used in the accessories slot in the clothing menu. 

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I like skis too, as an avid skiier. I am not against the idea that skis could be found as a rare tool around the world. However, using them would also require ski shoes (which are in the game too so no big deal) - unless we are talking about an all-timey skis that can be fastened to normal boots with leather stripes. If the skis were the Cross-country type, you could craft ski sticks from maple saplings to use as ski sticks which could be used for a faster movement speed across the flat areas. And would also be used to fend off wolves if they catch you while you are on skis. Skis could also be a type of tool that can be repaired on the milling machine of Bleak inlet if they were ever to get broken. Depending on the material used, this would either be by using fir firewood or scrap metal (or both!).

I imagine they would be quite a fun-to-use and quite useful in quickly scaling down from up to down areas of some maps. For example, very useful for getting from the Ravine area of coastal town to reach the actual coastline. Going back up... well thats the difficult thing. Without ski lifts, your only option is to slowly go up again.

However, not sure how well it would work in the actual game. I dont think the game is built for a player to travel fast. Also sounds like you could easily ski right into a path of a bear of a pack of wolves, which you could outrun on the skis... untill you reach the bottom. Then, you are kinda screwed. 

Also a high chance of flying off the cliffs, to a very deadly fall. So, I think there would have to be a good mechanics behind their control and you would definitely have to be able to slow down. Could even be linked to a survival skill "skiing".

All-in-all, I like the idea but I am not sure its realistical, not unless the whole game gets reworked to fit it in. Or the devs suprise us with some very intricate controls.

I would not mind both options, for skishoes either. As a different type of tool, something that would increase movement speed slightly but at much more consistent way. Where skis would increase your movement speed downhill or on flat terrain, they would slow you down if you climbed something up-hill. And using them would require one to actually put them on/off, much like deploying rope. I can imagine using the skis by "dropping them" from your inventory to a ground, perhaps by the use of radial menu or from inventory, and just like Stone caches have a selection menu, you would have selection to pick them up or use them.

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I think there a nice solution: the skiis wont make us travel faster they will only enable us to have another 5kg weight bonus BUT it is not exactly like the moose hide sachel

The skiis weight 2kg each so 4kg total and you cannot climb with them so you will need to take em off and put em in your pack OR drop them down. Nerfing them that way will force player to travel by food but it would give an advatage when walking around your house or travelling in the same region.

I should aslo add that we will be slower on skiis inside than normal so it would really be a tool for homesteading or working aroufn your house. à

I saw like 12 (maybe exagerating a bit) new threads this month about sleds, sleds and sleds again. PEOPLE WANT SLEDS !! Skiis would be a nice alternative that could be fairly easy to add in the game.

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In my opinion, the game does not have too many locations in which it makes sense to use skis.  And you can fall off a cliff without them. In addition, it is necessary to redo the behavior of wolves. With the same success it is possible to add figure skates to skate on the ice.

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