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Having completed my 500 day run on Interloper I have decided to try to get a long run going that I will spend at least 50 days at each region. I started on Forlorn Muskeg and worked my way through Mystery Lake to Coastal Highway. At about day 20 I made the move to Desolation Point and the Riken. I shot the moose there and managed to gut out 53 days on the region. When the wildlife spawns dried up I went back to Coastal Highway briefly then returned to Mystery Lake. I stayed there to get me to 49 days then scooted into Pleasant Valley for 49 more grueling days. Spent pretty much the whole time snaring rabbits although I shot a couple bears and got the Bedroll crafted. I'm currently at Crystal Lake on Timberwolf Mountain and about 13 days in. I shot the bear on the lake the first day so have been living off that for the most part. It's so cold here though as my health never gets to 50% anymore due to the cold. Have to gather sticks here as it's too cold to chop wood. I plan on staying here 50 days then cross Pleasant Valley and Mystery Lake then do a long stay on Forlorn Muskeg that is if I manage to survive that long. 

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Really disappointed with this run ending due to a game save issue. Lost the entire 220 day run   due to some synching with the Steam Cloud . I had about 25 days in at Timberwolf mountain and was looking good. As always starting a new interloper run is going to mean numerous fails in the first 20 days so getting back to this point is going to be incredibly difficult. 

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