Maple Syrup Calorie Change [rant]


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When I first saw the Maple Syrup, I was like "Yaaay". Then I saw that is was only 850 calories. Then I thought to myself, "this seems too low." I then did the following calculations on what the calorie count SHOULD be.

It should be ~1400 calories, and here's why. (ignoring game balance)

First, I had to know how many grams of maple syrup you get per bottle, but there is no indication on the bottle itself. So I got a can of pinnacle peaches (which was marked as 500g) and set it next to the bottle of syrup. (sorry I could not get a picture) I found that the diameter of the peaches was the same as the syrup bottle, but the syrup bottle was taller. This meant the syrup was over 500g, I guessed it to be ~550g.

Next, I had to see how many calories you get per serving of maple syrup, and for that, I consulted my bottle of maple syrup IRL to find it at 60ml of grade A natural syrup like in the game, was ~210 cal. 

Next, I had to convert 60ml into grams ( I used this website to convert it) which (in maple syurp) was ~80 grams.

Finally, we can divide 550 by 80 grams (to get the number of servings) to get 6.875, and multiply that by 210 cal to get 1443.75, or about ~1400cal for The Long Dark's maple syurp bottle.

I don't know if this is reasonable with the current frequency of maple syrup, but this is what the calories for one bottle should be (let me know if I made any mistakes in calculations.)


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19 hours ago, Ape88 said:

If you go by comparisons to real life food labels the calorie counts would have to change across the board.

and besides...
SpanishMoss may like "ignoring game balance," but I'm very thankful that Hinterland does not seem to share that sentiment.

As Raph once mentioned in Milton Mailbag #40:


Wait wait -- please don't use "realism" as an argument for or against a game mechanic (or any tuning around it).... [some text removed for brevity] ...We don't design for realism, and we don't use it as a metric to determine how something should or should not work in the game...


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None of the foods/drinks in TLD are what they would be IRL. For food rabbit meat is particularly off at a factor of about 4X. As to why herbal tea has 100+ calories is a mystery too. I can understand why they did it, but I also think it would be nice if things were balanced AND made sense.

That being said.....

I've never seen a bottle of syrup in TLD, however looking at TLD wiki the syrup is 300g. Assuming the bottle has zero weight and that the 210kcal per 80g you looked up is correct you get 787kcal for a bottle. Of course the bottle itself will have weight so those bottles should have less than that. If you're looking for it to be more realistic the syrup should be nerfed.

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