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I had an idea that may sound a little crazy, but here it goes. When you get to revolver skill level 5, the ability to rapid fire a revolver becomes an option. If you don’t know what rapid firing is, it’s what the gunslingers do in old westerns where they continuously pull back the hammer and fire, firing all the rounds very fast. In order to rapid fire, you must have all 6 rounds in your revolver, it must be above 50% condition, and you must be still. When you rapid fire, you inaccurately fire all rounds which takes a good bit of durability away from your gun. If your firearm is below 50% condition, then their is a chance that the hammer will jam mid-way through firing, therefore not letting you fire all 6 bullets. The lower the condition, the higher the chance. Rapid firing would be used as a last resort effort to scatter a pack of timberwolves that was cornering you, but like I stated, it is VERY inaccurate, so hits aren’t guaranteed. This is a pretty crazy idea so tell me what you think about it.

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I think if it's wildly inaccurate, then why would any survivor ever risk that kind of waste?  Just to "look cool?"  (that would seem kind of silly to me)

I think the revolver already shoots in fairly rapid succession.  I personally don't see any value add from being able to start "fanning" the revolver.

Besides, fanning for rapid fire effect only really works with the old single action revolvers.  I'd say it's pretty safe to say that the revolver we have in game is double action (like most revolvers made after 1900 :D ...double action got very popular pretty quickly after it was invented).

For me, I'm not in favor of this kind of thing.  I think it would just be silly under the circumstances.  The idea of "gunslinging" was developed because of some situations where one had to deal with another aggressor who also had a firearm (and even then it seems it was more for show)... and I don't think it would have any rational use for survival/hunting that wouldn't be served by the rate of fire we already have.  I think this kind of thing would just be so potentially wasteful that it would never be a good idea to ever use it (even if it was an option).

Personally I hope Hinterland won't implement something like this.

From the page I linked:
"...The idea (as spread by old western films) that people in the "Old West" fanned their hammers in actual firefights with any regularity is considered a caricature.  It was done in shooting shows (where trick marksmen entertained crowds with shooting tricks) and by many a curious target-practicer.  It was probably not common in actual firefights, because it does not lend itself to most real-life tactical situations, accuracy, or the use of cover.  One longtime firearms instructor, George L. Tooley, said: 'Fanning is hard on the revolver, in addition to being inaccurate, and is not recommended'..."

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