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5 hours ago, Rares said:

I like to see more food like fruits(banana,apple,strawberry,etc).More calories better survive and also vegetables.


Fruit and (most of) vegetables would be immediately rotten in apocalypse. Also, where would have the people even bought fruit? I mean there's a farmer market in PV and some grocery store / gas stations in the Bear but from where would they have imported fruits from

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Pleasant Valley sure looks like the game version of the Okanagan Valley in the BC Interior. Interesting thing about the Okanagan is that the conditions that make winters there bad (bowl in the mountains trapping cold air and aiding in blizzard creation) have the opposite effect in the summertime (warmer air and plenty of sun). 

The Okanagan is a major fruit and orchard agricultural area in Canada; famous even. The orchards that cover a big part of the floor of PV are what make me think it's supposed to be the game version of the Okanagan. At the right time of year, there's no shortage of fruit and vegetables in the Okanagan.

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okanagan climatic clarification
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