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First of all, I'd like to state how much I appreciate HL continuing to make improvements to the game!  Events are always a welcome bonus to encourage us to keep playing.

Now my criticisms: 

  • Regarding syrup and the badges - How many really found all 25 in one save?  
  • How many of you created multiple new games so as to harvest the syrup?  <raises hand>
  • Instead of grinding for the badges on saves I will never play again, it would have been nice if I could have progressed my existing save(s) towards badge progress.  Just kind of feels like wasted time, ya know?
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  • who thought they could do this in one save and is now feeling the dread of doing multiple 'kinda boring' runs for maple syrup *raises hand*

Edit: that sounded just rude....I do appreciate the events, and i also appreciate the lower difficulty level of this one...it's just not for me is all.  :)

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I'm really starting to get frustrated with the low amount of syrup.  I've spent more hours than I like on throwaway saves and my main WE save which I got the 25 day badge on.  I'm currently still at 27 syrup and 38 chips with no badge.  Guess it's back to more throwaway saves.

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Got it last night after consuming 28 syrups.  If you want it, you will have to do multiple runs.  I wanted to get it and move on so here's what I did:

I discovered that PV Farmstead always had a least 1 syrup and 1 ketchup.  Create a New save with location of PV (hopefully you spawn close).  Make a beeline for the Farmstead making no stops along the way.  Find the syrup and ketchup, pass time if you have to (to get hungry enough), consume them, stet outside and back in (to force a save - not sure if this step is necessary or not but I did it just in case).  Rinse and Repeat.  Delete previous saves if you run out of room for saves (25 max).

Good luck!

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