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Just recently started playing Long Dark again after not touching it for quite some time. I’m happy to see a lot of quality of life changes they have made (for example, not being able to cook while doing something else). And it got me thinking, what other things could they possibly add/improve?


1. Make scarves an accessory item. 

2. Be able to sleep anywhere without bed warmth bonuses. When I was a newb a while back, I made the mistake of forgetting my bedroll and spent hours in a gas station mending clothing and crafting and was ready to go to sleep. Well... to my amaze, I forgot my bedroll and there was a blizzard outside and it was pitch black (this was before I knew you could sleep in a vehicle, I probably would’ve of froze to death though). So after realizing that I was going to die due to exhaustion, I ran outside with a storm lantern hopelessly searching for somewhere to sleep. I died... anyways, I think it’s just common sense to be allowed to sleep on the floor and just not have bed warmth bonuses. 

3. Be able to siphon lantern fuel from one lantern to another. I hate having to choose between either a good lantern with low fuel, or a bad lantern with high fuel. 

4. Be allowed to hacksaw the barrel (and even stock) of the Lee-Einfield to reduce weight. This can be balanced by reducing accuracy. And after sawing you can harvest scrap metal and fir firewood I suppose. And to clarify, I know this game isn’t supposed to be centered around weapons and it shouldn’t be complicated. Well, this isn’t complicated. It’d be complicated if I advocated for needing a file, sandpaper, gun vise, steel wool, and a power drill with (forgot the name of the compound) to re-crown the barrel. 


 5. Hand warmers. Expendable temporary small heat sources. 

6. Pen or pencil for mapping. This can speed up the mapping process and it’s a much lighter alternative to charcoal. 

7. Hand to match in-game clothes. I’m wearing gloves so the hand should have a glove. Not sure how hard this would be to do though. I don’t see them spending a lot of time on something that is purely for aesthetic. 

8. Dragging a carcass. Here’s a hypothetical, for some odd reason, you decided to go kill a deer on the ice at coastal highway. But here’s the catch, you forgot a tool to gut it. Instead of dragging the deer with you back to the garage, you instead are going to have to make 3 trips back and forth. I’d rather make 1 slower trip than 3 repetitive normal ones. Not to mention, I don’t want to have to gut the deer in the blizzard when its corpse is only a few feet from a cave. 


I have have more ideas but these are the most in-depth meaningful ones I feel. Thoughts?

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1. yeah for sure, but then there really is very little difference betwen scarves and the single other warmth accessory

2. really necessary change, sleeping on the floor needs to be implemented even if its inefficient, uncomfortable, cold and unpleasant, but needs to happen. Perhaps giving a 12-24 hour debuff or being extremely inefficient, making bedrolls still valuable. dying of exhaustion while warm, full of food and fully hydrated and in shelter like a cave should NOT ever be allowed to happen. standard response though is you should always have foreplanning and bring a bedroll, and you died from risky behaviour...

3. OMG YES i cant express how accurate that feeling is lmao 

4.absolutely for the sake of interactions, and id take it a step further and allow things like burning of clothes or cloth or food in extreme situations, it all falls in line with the whole ideology of the game which is do you rip up your lovely warm coat to make bandages to stop the bleeding? sacrificing one thing in a hard circumstance is always cool.

5. nice idea, but doesnt feel like it would fit thematically and would be a kinda pointless thing when a torch does the same job more realistically and renewably.

6. seen this idea around, i feel like the mapping is fine the way it is and pencils would make it too trivial and not as much of a definite decision.

7. doubt it will ever happen but a nice idea.

8. omg yes again, makes insanely more sense to drag a carcass to shelter to carve it up than carve it exactly where the animal dies. doubt it will happen when there is quartering but the carrying mechanics are partially implemented in story mode at least, shouldnt be too hard to port to animals and survival

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That sleep issue is something I've disliked since the beginning. As I played more it because less of an issue but just because I can work around it doesn't mean I think it's fine. I mean the very idea that you couldn't sleep on the floor is ridiculous. I really think that especially for new players this should be in the game.

Dragging a carcass would be good too, especially wolf ones. In TLD even a full sized buck is what, 20kg at most? You should be able to just pick it up and carry it without much issue and barely slow down. *this was a half joke pointing out how little meat deer actually give compared to real life* I really do think dragging a carcass should be in the game though, it makes sense.

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