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  1. Yes the loading time has increased as well,at least with the latest hotfix the devs fixed the bug that makes the game crash when entering or exiting buildings, hope they take a look at this as well when they have time.
  2. I agree, it isn't really fair that there is an unlimited supply of wildlife and that resources like cattails, roses, and shrooms are 1 time only. They shouldn't be by any means infinite but the devs could add a cooldown of a few days before the plants regrow again just like in real life. As for new plant-based food here are some nice ideas:
  3. Man, reading all this makes me really hungry
  4. I've just watched an old episode of ray mears extreme survival series in which he actually does the exact same thing so I had the same thought. Should definitely be implemented as an additional renewable source of oil since fishing isn't possible at many locations. And if you want even more variety, you could process it (the bark not the oil) just like reishi mushrooms to make a nice warm tea. That way you will also have a renewable source of tea so you don't waste the mushrooms and the roses when you need them for their healing abilities and not for the warm-up.
  5. So I was trying to do a naked challenge to see how long I would last before I turn into a snowman and I noticed that there aren't alternative footprint if you don't wear shoes or socks. Thought that it would be nice to implement additional ''barefoot'' footprints for the added realism.
  6. I may not have so much experience on the harder modes but i have learned by watching others play TLD on interloper like LMG or Graystillplays in the old days,but in the end it is just about how well you do all the micro managing and if you make the right choices and not take unnececery risks.
  7. I could break them but i was low on condition and zero calories with no available food source , so it would be suicide.By the way i was searching for some mods for the game and i found this: it is maybe the best solution for the hibernating/starving exploit because if you don't eat properly you lose body fat instead of condition, thus you won't be able to recover from it by sleeping .And if you have a high enough body fat you even get a temperature bonus so you will have a reason to always keep
  8. Very happy that hinterland will support all those people and at the same time expanding its crew and available tools for making more awesome content.
  9. Tested the SW LV1 and got my chicklets frozen in day 5 because i didn't have enough calories to break some furniture.This mode feels much more realistic than the vanilla mode but i feel that it still needs some adjustments.
  10. You tell 'em bareskin, we need more sleepwalkers (nice meme by the way, i had a good laugh)
  11. Sounds like this affliction will be a keyboard breaker.I like it ,might spice things up a bit for those end-game survivors. And since you've made it sound that bad why not add this: When you get a concussion you will expirience a short amnesia and your maps will be blank until your memory comes back.