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This kind of thing has been discussed quite a lot, so I'm just going to try to briefly summarize what I've mentioned in the past.

I think cargo sleds (or other means of disregarding our encumbrance limits) would take away too much from the critical choices we have to make about what to carry, how much to carry, and if it's worth the risk to haul a bunch of things to another location...  I also think it would kind of undermine inventory management as a whole.  :(

These are all aspects of the game that I think are important for the over all experience Hinterland has made.

Besides the point that I don't think it would be worth the time and resources to add this...  I'm also generally against the idea because I think it would take away far more from the game than it would add to it.  I think it would undermine some of the challenge for the sake of player convenience...

And of course, I'm generally against anything that I think would make life "easier" for the player :D

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So... I just finished making 5 trips between the PV Outbuildings barn... and Molly's farmhouse as I had changed my choice of 'base' for PV.

In my opinion a sled would only make sense if it was very slow. It would not allow you to accomplish anything you couldn't do without it by repeat trips... it would only save you the repetition boredom of repeating a trip.

One, very slow trip with a sled would have been less boring than 5 fast trips, even if the total time was similar.

Or maybe make the trip half as fast... but crafting the sled take a huge amount of supplies & time?

Really though, I doubt this will ever be added to the game.

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Yes, this suggestion has been dragged out many times before.

It' sled to many strong opinions.

Asking if Hinterland will add add a vehicle to carry items is something of a loaded question.

Since there's been locked threads over this issue, you might be skating on thin ice.

Nevertheless, some have doggedly continued asking for a sled with the option to tame a wolf to pull it.

Given that the game doesn't have vehicle mechanics, it'd likely require a major over-haul of the game.

For now, I think most suggestions for this feature don't carry much weight with the devs.

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There is still a way to balance the sledge.

This is my previous post about similar suggestion. I believe some tricks would work and introduce the "balance" for the game with drag, jump, and sledge, and etc. I suggestsd "Soft/hard snow" system and stamina system and I brought several idea. 

However, the problem is dev group's man power, budget, and schedule/available time for development of new contents. Systems like vehicle and sledge will bring significant change to game play and game experience of TLD, and it may change the meta of the game dramatically. If they decide to introduce vehicle / carrier system, these new contents will consume good amount of time and effort and budget for development, testing, and debugging. Carrier system will be a major change of the game. Current TLD is going well without such carrier system, so I think devs would approach to such idea of vehicle system in very conservative or reluctant way. Why they would hurt the game balance with the new system which would significantly change the whole game meta, which is already good? 

(But I still think just dragging of dead deer and wolf, without any carrier, would be doable in current TLD, it wouldn't hurt the balance too much. Introducing heavier stamina consumption and slow speed for dragging dead body, then balance will be fine.) 

I'm not a dev, and I don't even know what is the big picture or big plan of the Hinterland games, and I don't know what is their current and near-future priority. They should have some sort of big data and statistics of player behaviors and they may plan any new contents or new system according to such big data. I just wish they have carrier system in their minds, but I think chances will not that high. 

IMO, the I wish to see more late-game features for survival mode games. 

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