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  1. Bump of the old post. Forrest Fenn, who gave me an idea for this post, passed away. RIP... I still think contents like these will enrich TLD experience in many level. Survival mode is the key of the TLD, so if such contents are introduced in survival mode, then playtime of TLD will be increased. For example, if there is a condition like "player should survived 500 days" to initiate the puzzle/treasure/endgame contents, then contents like these will be a great motivation to keep playing and survive in sandbox mode. Contents like these should be optional, not railroaded, for all people who don't like this. Quest/puzzle should be well randomized and very difficult, so that they should be possible to fail, and should not allow anyone to clear just following YT and Twitch.
  2. The fact is, the coal in this game has the highest temperature per weight and burn time per weight. It overwhelms other fuels. Plus, when I discuss about coal, I considered the situation of coal + stick or any other "easier" fuels around. Of course no one just use coal only, but mix with all others... This way, any players can min/max the ratio of coal and stick or other fuels based on the temperature and the purpose of fire. With some experiences, one can be extremely efficient about coal consumption, and does not need to rely on cedar/fir firewood at all, except some maps like BI. From that moment, the necessity of harvesting tree limbs are negligible, especially in the loper. Too cold and inefficient to harvest firewoods from the outside. So, my idea of carriable tree limbs would resolve this issue and fix some balance issue between the coal and firewoods.
  3. Exactly. Open-ending is enough. No one knows what will going to happen after and the game don't need to show everything. This is just one another way to finish a sandbox mode, instead of suicide or uninstall. Are there any "aftermath" contents after suicide in sandbox? No. Just one line screen and that is all. "Escape" ending can show a similar thing. Just one screenshot and several lines of description, and the end of sandbox. I also suggested boat and hidden tunnels, after mysterious radio contact during the aurora.
  4. I also pointed in the post of @Patriot. If this idea comes up, then malnutrition and muscle lost must follow. There's no way a person burning this much of calorie with that amount of muscle carrying 20~40kg continuously on the snow surface survives only with 750cal per a day. To keep such physique, one should consume minimum 3000~4000kcal per a day. My malnutrition post has a reference in there. Then, Well Fed should be requirement, not the optional thing.
  5. I don't think HL will have enough time and manpower and resource to implement this idea, so this idea is just for thought experiment and modding possibility. I think woodcraft skill should be introduced as well, but for this post, I only write about leather craft skill. Maybe I or others could write about woodcraft skill later... In reality, leather crafting requires a lot of time and practice to being good at it, and to craft a "quality product". But in this game, characters craft many things from leather from the day 1 of wilderness. They don't even read a book for leather crafting. We could introduce the new skill of "leathercraft", up to level 7, with such features. A. Crafted leather cloths which were crafted in lower level should have slightly lower wind and temperature protection than products crafted at a higher level. Just like ammunition crafting. B. Crafted leather cloths which were crafted in lower level should have faster decay modifier than that of higher level. At the max level, the decay rate of the leather-crafted item should be "medium" even from interloper difficulty. C. Crafted leather/bladder liquid container, which I suggested in this post should have a different leaking rate based on the leathercraft level. Higher leaking rate at the lower level, and 0 leaking rates at level 7. D. The quality and decay rate of the bow should be influenced by leathercraft level (as well as woodcraft level) E. If more number of leather-crafted cloths are implemented (by HL or by modding), then it would be great to introduce a leather skill level requirement for specific leather crafted cloths. Leave current "basic" leather cloths as level 0 cloths. Then, it would be possible to introduce level 3, 5, 7 cloths with a new design in new parts. Wolf-earwarp, deer coat, wolf "shirt" ... there have been so many ideas, and there was a mod for the old version, before the "IL2CPP incident". Too bad that mod is not coming back now... F. At level 7, max-tier leather-crafted cloths should be available, with very nice and very fancy design (with a very slight bonus in temperature as well). I really hate the current bear coat design. I mean, what kind of designer could think of the bear-head-in-your-crotch with a bear coat? This is just horrible. Even I could think of much fancier design... Plus, deer/moose hat with antlers, bear hat, new fancier wolf coat, bear boots... The reward of max leathercraft skill should be convincing and satisfying enough. G. Level 7 should take long enough time to max. This will give one more motivation to play TLD longer and increase playtime for 'bored players' like me. H. When repairing leather cloths, repair speed and repair success rate should be influenced by sewing skill + leathercraft skill. Repair should also increase the leathercraft skill level. I. Leathercraft book should be also implemented with this idea.
  6. The water container idea has been discussed in this forum in the past. I think water container can be a factor to increase the difficulty, which I would like to enjoy. However, this will bring major change to water-mechanics and would influence on thirsty balance and fire/match/fuel balance of this game, which will take some amount of work not only for water but also for other features in this game. Because players will not be able to hoard a lot of water, they should make a fire more frequently to make water. This will be critical in interloper as the match will run out faster than current system. Too many things are needed to keep a balance of the game to introduce this idea. So, I don't think HL will introduce this feature. They are already busy with other works, IMO they believe that the water and thirsty balance are good enough, and even if they are interested, ideas like this will be in low priority, which means indie studios like HL would hardly seriously consider this idea. However, from the pure thought experiment point of view for the modding possibility, this is an interesting idea and will make this game more challenging. For Stalker and below, we could introduce man-made liquid containers such as military-style canteen or plastic bottle, for rare chance, as a lootable item from the map. For Interloper, we could force players to craft their own improvised canteen or other types of the improvised water containers, big to store and small to carry, using some materials. Humans, before the era of modern technology, relied on animal leather and animal bladder (cured/dried to use) for the water container. Wineskin, Bota bag... Native American Indians also used similar types of liquid containers based on goat or buffalo bladder. Google "animal bladder leather water container". I think these types of water containers can be introduced in TLD by modding. Something like this. This requires introducing some new resources which can be found from wild animals and nature. Animal bladder (should be cleaned, and then cured/dried to craft), and craftable light rope (crafted from dried grass). With bear hide or moose hide or a lot of wolf hide with sewing kit/fishing hook and crafted light rope, we could make a "big" water container. With the cured/dried bear/moose/deer/wolf bladder and craftable light rope and sewing kit/fishing hook, we could craft a various size of "small" water containers, with different water amounts and weight. Moose or bear should have bigger bladder, and wolf should have smallest bladder... "Big" containers should be heavy with larger capacity, and "smaller" containers should have carriable weight with smaller capacity. I guess the weight of leather/bladder-container should be heavier than man-made ones to carry the same amount of water. That part will increase the difficulty as well. With this idea, primitive fire making (hand-drill and bow-drill) should be accompanied as well, because players should make a fire to make water more frequently. Plus, on top of water purification tablet, other natural purification methods (which does not require to make a fire) like these should be introduced as well so that players can access to water without making a fire and boil the water. From that link, I think water filtration using soil and sedimentation system could be possible to be introduced in TLD, in more simplified form. If I make "hardcore mod" or if someone makes such "hardcore mod", I wish to see these features.
  7. It should be OK to assume that characters in this game are using these techniques. Upside-down the bottle, keep water inside the snow in the night, wide-mouth container, and keep water container close from the body, day and night, to prevent freezing even during hiking. It would not need to depict all these tricks to prevent freezing in this game, we can just assume this.
  8. Indeed, from my 3 interloper characters, I hardly harvested firewoods from any place except BI. Even in BI I preferred reclaimed woods via hammer over firewoods because reclaimed woods can be harvested from the inside. 1hr to chop a tree using hatchet from outside, after 50th day of interloper, is enough long time to drain warmth meter and takes out some portion of health. Only safe time frame is 1~2 hr before sunset, late afternoon, with 2 bear coats and full interloper 1 tier cloths. Drinking a hot tea requires a fire and consumption of the resources. Birch bark is infinite but I don't use birch bark just to get warmth bonus to chop a tree, because birch bark respawn is not fast, and I need to save them for the moment when I need to heal. Making a 1hr duration fire to chop a tree for 1hr is also not efficient. So naturally, firewood is bye bye from me, as well as improvised hatchet... On the other hand, coal is really easy to achieve. I mostly live in Ravine cave, and it takes one day to hoard coals from Cinder Mine. You can get some coals from cave from Winding river to PV as well, which is also close from Carter Dam and Ravine. And you don't need to consume coals that much in interloper. 1~2 Coal + a lot of branches (and reclaimed woods) will work. The idea of carrying a tree limb is a buff to the firewoods. I was thinking that this idea would lessen the burden of chopping tree outside and let people increase the consumption of firewoods over coal. At least comparable level. But there can be different ways to buff. Like increase temperature or duration of firewoods. However, carrying idea would be better because this will eliminate the one important burden of chopping tree outside: coldness damage. Another way is nerfing the coals. Personally I like the idea of nerfing coal because it is too good now, for both fire time per weight and temperature per weight. But this will make the early phase of interloper (or loper-custom) too challenging before people craft hatchet to harvest firewoods, or before acquire the hammer to harvest reclaimed woods. So I'm not sure if devs will decide to nerf the coal. But at least I will like that.
  9. Isn't the data from that post still valid? As far as I can tell, this test still works from my interloper short tests and experiences. I guess your tests should be the similar with those results. In terms of saving the player's health bar, Hatchet -> Hammer -> Knife -> Improvised Hatchet -> Prybar -> Improvised Knife. In loper, the hammer brings the best outcome from the wolf struggle. But both hammer and an improvised hatchet are too heavy, and their uses are so local and limited so I don't bring them...
  10. Don't make a situation of wolf struggle. From the moment you have arrow and bow, wolf is not a threat. The only threat is the very-close-range encounter by ambushing wolves, which makes 5m encounter or something like that. Behind the hill/ridge line, alley of Milton town and around the CH Quonset... But there is a way to prevent this. Near the danger zone, I concentrate to the footstep. Usually, I get the clue from the sound, and escape from being ambushed. Plus, in suspicious area, I throw rocks to lure them out to the open. Sometimes, depending on situation, I increase my smell by killing a rabbit and let wolves lured by my smell, and drag them out to the open. Also, take the high ground and observe first, or circumventing the ambush zone can be a way too.
  11. Right now, in interloper, the efficiency of coal as a fuel is too good. On the other hand, harvesting cedar/fir firewood can be dangerous, they are less efficient than coals, and they are heavy when you wear two bear coats. In addition, the improvised hatchet is not that light. It weighs 1.75kg, not that much different from 2kg hammer. The only 'safe' time window for the harvesting cedar/fir woods in interloper using the improvised hatchet is 1~2 hr around the late afternoon, a little wider if you harvest these in CH or ML or other 'warmer' regions. As a result, almost all interloper and loper-grade custom players only prefer the combination of coal + branch. They are just too good. Better temperature, safer, and lighter. No motivation to rely on firewoods, except regions like BI where there is no coal supply in the vicinity. Honestly, I think carrying a cedar/fir limb would be OK. Of course, with a reasonable penalty in movement speed and faster fatigue/hunger rate. Plus, introduce an additional penalty modifier to the weight of cedar and fir limb of they are carried in a backpack, assuming their size (2~3m length) prohibits the better movement and behavior of characters, which results in further speed declination and faster fatigue/hunger speed. Plus, of course, normal respawning tree limbs (which provides 3 firewoods) should be allowed to carry. Bigger trees (4+ firewoods) shouldn't be allowed to carry. In another way, we could introduce carrying rope. This game already assumes that the character can make rope from guts. In addition to guts, in real wilderness, it is possible to make rope from nature like: Introduce a crafted lighter rope, which can be crafted from guts and branches/bushes/dried grass with long crafting time. Then, using crafted rope, let players drag deer/wolf carcass and tree limbs with fatigue and speed penalty. Carrying carcass should bring stacking up of the smell as well. It would be good to introduce this option only in the interloper and include them as a custom option as well. That would be better for the balance. This way, harvesting tree limbs would be safer than before. This will lessen the burden for the harvesting of tree limbs in loper, and people will carry improved hatchet more. Right now, people hardly use the improvised hatchet and hardly carry them. For me, I made 5 improvised hatchets, distributed among different maps, repair them all at once in BI. A similar concept with people only uses hammers for the furnace and ice breaking. I only use hatchets when I desperately need to harvest firewood, which hardly occurs without BI. Even in BI, it would be safer to use hammer to harvest reclaimed woods. These suggestions would help to lead people to harvest and use firewoods more in interloper, and to carry improvised hatchet more in interloper. I also thought about increasing the temperature of firewoods, just a little bit than current, like 12°C for cedar, and 15°C for fir, only in interloper. Right now, coal is just too good in terms of efficiency. But I'm also careful about this idea. Maybe, it would be better to nerf coal than buff firewoods, but devs should have their own design principle regarding fuel balance, so they may able to decide better if they really want to adjust the balance between coal and firewoods.
  12. No matter how long I played this game, I still forget to take a cooking pot and even bedroll when I leave time to time. And sometimes, such mistake snowballs and ruins my sandbox.
  13. @Niev Very nice writing pal. New resources, new animals, new wildlife, new crafting items, more content, and stories... If we make a poll, I'm sure the majority will vote to see those new content in TLD, and I'm sure devs know this pressure for new content for many reasons. Any game developers (I'm not working in the game industry, but I do know that the competition pace in the game industry is very fast.) clearly understand the meaning of the quote "Iron rusts without use, stagnant water rots" and I assume HL would feel the same towards TLD. Right now, the "same old TLD" is losing to all other survival genre competitors in the steam player ranking. Without innovation, and without new content, TLD will become a "game of oldbies" who always sings in the forum "this game is not for everyone", and then will lose new customers and new players to competitors and will be forgotten. I'm pretty sure that devs, including Raph himself, have (or had) a ton of brilliant ideas for new content to flourish TLD. HL "had" a roadmap, which is deleted long ago but you can still google it. If you read the roadmap, you will find that a good portion of "roadmap" content is already implemented in TLD. Check this post to compare the deleted roadmap and current TLD. In addition, you will be able to see that the most of ideas in the "roadmap" coincide with the suggestions from the wishlist forum and Reddit. Such as improved cooking, primitive fire making, grizzly bear and cougar, snowshoes or nordic skis, wellbeing system (i.e. mental/emotional cost of survival), spring and another season sandbox... Surprising enough, HL even had some radical ideas, such as canoe/horse, and NPC in the sandbox. In the link above, it mentions Can you imagine "raid" in TLD? I'm not sure if I really like that idea of raid in TLD. But, I'm glad that HL devs and Raph are trying to create the new content in TLD, and I'm happy to see them putting some efforts to being more creative to improve this game. While I know several ideas from the "roadmap" are officially denied, I think they are still working loosely based on the roadmap. No one expected revolver and gunsmithing when such features were implemented in this game, and both of them were in the old roadmap. Now, that "roadmap" is deleted long ago, so I think and I assume that HL has a better version of the roadmap with even better content for internal use only. Based on this, I believe the degree of imagination and ideas from devs themselves are (or were) really great. But why they are not in TLD yet? As far as I know, looking back in the mod debate post of so-called "IL2CPP incident", the Unity engine and Unity related issue of performance optimization is (or was) prohibiting any new bright ideas to this game. I'm also curious if this issue is cleared or not, and if not, why it takes so long time to clear this optimization issue. It would be a lie if I'm not disappointed with HL. But at the same time, I don't have any intention to undermine HL's effort to make this game better, I think (and I wish) HL had a good reason to take a long time to resolve these issues and I wish the best for HL devs. I really appreciate HL never gave up on this great work. Anyway, they are working on an official modding tool as far as I know, so I wish they do this as soon as possible with a wide degree of freedom. I think it is a bit too late to introduce the official modding tool now but better late than sorry. I'm also trying to learn C# myself. I think modding has the potential to increase the perspective of this game. There are so many great mods that hit more than the original. XCOM long war, Stalker Misery/Anomalie, so many mods in Fallout and Elderscroll franchise... Modding with such depth and width will surely make TLD flourish. At the same time, I'm 100% sure TLD players who want the new content surely understand "the sentiment of old TLD" and I, you, and the majority of TLD players do want to keep that "feeling" and "originality" of TLD. And I, you, the majority of TLD players believe and wish that such new content will not and should not harm the "sentiment or originality or whatever we call of TLD". That is why I think modding can be a great answer, as all the brilliant-but-radical ideas can be tried as purely optional content. I'm not a fan of the zombie apocalypse in TLD, but if there is a zombie mod in TLD, I wish to try it. Any Cryptid mod, Bigfoot mod, or horror mod as well. I'm 99.9999% sure, and I bet my 25c in my pocket, that such mods will positively influence on TLD sales, player ranking, and increase the number of YT/Twitch viewers. If HL provides them as an option without modding, that will be great too. But I'm sure their hands are tied with so many things now, so I wish they throw us a good, detailed modding tool with wide degree of freedom. These are win win scenario for everyone. All additional new contents are optional, so "traditionalists" or "oldbies who sings this game is not for everyone" satisfies. And all "innovators" or "noobs who wish to see new contents" satisfies. I really can't understand the minds of prohibiting even optional contents. Such minds are surely killing the future of this game IMO. Seeing the roadmap, even devs have (and had) a brilliant ideas for new contents. Regarding the internet identity of problem in this post, just ignore him. Not worth your time. I learned that by my own experience.
  14. sonics01

    Bear traps

    Bear trap is, I think, a good idea. This will make this game to a bit more easier direction and would hurt the balance, so I'm not sure if such idea is welcomed by HL and Raph. I know you already also mentioned your idea from the balance perspective, like rare and non-craftable, but I think that would not enough... I mean, if you are well experienced TLD player, bears in TLD are not that terribly difficult wild life to hunt down. There's not much motivation to rely on bear trap... I think, if TLD introduces more formidable and dangerous predators, like polar bear, Grizzly bear, and big cat.... that would give some justifying reason behind the idea of bear trap. But even than, mechanism and resource for bear trap should be carefully designed, not to make this game too easy. Maybe, it would be good to assume that crafted bear trap is too weak and coarse when compared to factory-made products, so that it cannot properly trap/kill the "big animals". Instead, it could be possible to assume that the hand-made bear trap only hurt but annoy these "big" animals. Then it could balance something...
  15. Lots of suggestions has been made about crafted meat jerky. Some even suggested that players should not allowed to eat 0% food regardless of cooking skill, and introduce meat jerky as an alternative. I really cannot agree more with that idea. I can also think of some simple but proper "dishes". In wilderness, it does not need all ingredients to make "soup" or "stew". But I was thinking of salt as a very rare, but new resource, which can be used in cooking and somewhere else in the game. Salt idea is also suggested in this forum...