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  1. I don't think HL will include new rifles or guns in the TLD. Even if they have such plan, that will be very low priority. I cannot recall exactly where was it, but as far as I remember, devs already declared they are not interested in more firearms because they are not interested to transform TLD to shooting oriented game, they wrote something similar to this sentiment. I also thought musket or flintlock or crossbow would be great for interloper, only as a craftable item after level 5 of rifle skill, which takes a long time and large amount of ingredients. But I don't think HL will imple
  2. I suggested Colt C19 rifle before. It is made-in-Canada rifle for Canadian Rangers, replacing ages-old LE rifles. This should appeal to the feeling of "Canada". As far as I know, at the moment of 2020, replacement project is over and almost all Rangers are being trained and using C19 rifles. I don't think HL will make a new rifle for us. Even if they have a plan, it would be low priority, not to mention that I don't think HL have such plans for new rifle model. So I don't think we will see a new rifle from HL. Best chance will be a user mod. I wish HL publish the modding tool for TLD
  3. I feel the same, I think HL is testing their AI with Darkwalker, they are probably gathering and analyzing player reaction, movement, behavior big data. As a person who also has been suggested big cat predator and polar bear, I wish this becomes true in the future.
  4. Yeah, as an option for custom mode game, why not? If anyone wish to enjoy the horror contents, we can turn on. If not, we can turn off. Would it be too burden for HL to code/script this contents as a part of survival mode custom option? I don't know, but the answer of your question would depends this question , and HL's budget and manpower. Personally, I don't think such modification (making darkwalker as a custom option) would be significantly challenging, but who knows? I'm not in HL, and I guess HL would knows their game the best.
  5. You will never gonna know, things and contents devs tested, learned, and played around during events would be implemented in the survival mode and/or story mode in the future. It is their chance to run and test if their contents are running without bugs, or if they burden the resource of player's PC or console. Plus it is a chance for them to take some feedback from players. Then, after a while, who knows? After devs tune and fix and repair, we may able to see all or a part of new contents in story mode and/or survival mode. For example, anxiety and fear affliction contents are really coo
  6. Great points, especially about linking the depression mechanism with sleep and stamina. Plus, I really agree that the influence of being cut off and loneliness would be more or less negative towards a lone survivor, especially if the survivor entered "flourish" stage. Once harsh moment of initial struggle against the nature is gone, and after people well prepared, then people will think about other things than survival. That would be the moment when things like depression kicks in. Well said about hallucination and lack of sleep. I also wish to see such contents in the future.
  7. Glad to see some responses from my old posts. Yeah, you are probably right, all my writings in here are just brainstorming effort, I 100% agree that my numbers are not a proper one. I just throwed an wide example as a brainstorming attempt, not that I mean these numbers are correct. Yeah, and I agree some part of my ideas are too harsh and would be too annoying, I knew that even during I was writing this post months ago. I just wish to initiate some discussion and other ideas and other brainstorming. Again, this is my silly brainstorming effort, but if a part or some parts of these ideas
  8. I think interloper is about item luck and about practicing. If you learn some "essence" or "key aspects" of survival for the opening of the interloper, then you should be good. For me, to become "good" at the interloper, and to explore/practice the HRV opening strategy, I made a lot of trial/test/practice sandbox. I think I died 30+ times when I first try loper from HRV opening. From so many trials and errors, I learned and eventually my three sandboxes survived well, they are all now reached 1 year. But I agree, there is a difficulty gap between loper and stalker and you are not the fir
  9. I replied to this post which I think it is OK but that is also deleted. But why do you keep deleting my post without doing any action against that troll's post?
  10. Indeed. The achievements you mentioned are not enough IMO. Not all players feels the same towards this game, and not all players are agreeing with the definition of the sandbox. I don't know what HL and Raph feel and think about this issue, but even if they oppose from my idea, I don't think they are right and I'm wrong. And I don't think I'm right and they are wrong. All I'm asking is an option. More option of enjoying this game from different perspective. New contents I and others suggested regarding treasure hunt and end game IN THE SURVIVLA MODE will definitely increase sales and pla
  11. Bump of the old post. Forrest Fenn, who gave me an idea for this post, passed away. RIP... I still think contents like these will enrich TLD experience in many level. Survival mode is the key of the TLD, so if such contents are introduced in survival mode, then playtime of TLD will be increased. For example, if there is a condition like "player should survived 500 days" to initiate the puzzle/treasure/endgame contents, then contents like these will be a great motivation to keep playing and survive in sandbox mode. Content
  12. The fact is, the coal in this game has the highest temperature per weight and burn time per weight. It overwhelms other fuels. Plus, when I discuss about coal, I considered the situation of coal + stick or any other "easier" fuels around. Of course no one just use coal only, but mix with all others... This way, any players can min/max the ratio of coal and stick or other fuels based on the temperature and the purpose of fire. With some experiences, one can be extremely efficient about coal consumption, and does not need to rely on cedar/fir firewood at all, except some maps like BI. From that
  13. Exactly. Open-ending is enough. No one knows what will going to happen after and the game don't need to show everything. This is just one another way to finish a sandbox mode, instead of suicide or uninstall. Are there any "aftermath" contents after suicide in sandbox? No. Just one line screen and that is all. "Escape" ending can show a similar thing. Just one screenshot and several lines of description, and the end of sandbox. I also suggested boat and hidden tunnels, after mysterious radio contact during the aurora.
  14. I also pointed in the post of @Patriot. If this idea comes up, then malnutrition and muscle lost must follow. There's no way a person burning this much of calorie with that amount of muscle carrying 20~40kg continuously on the snow surface survives only with 750cal per a day. To keep such physique, one should consume minimum 3000~4000kcal per a day. My malnutrition post has a reference in there. Then, Well Fed should be requirement, not the optional thing.
  15. I don't think HL will have enough time and manpower and resource to implement this idea, so this idea is just for thought experiment and modding possibility. I think woodcraft skill should be introduced as well, but for this post, I only write about leather craft skill. Maybe I or others could write about woodcraft skill later... In reality, leather crafting requires a lot of time and practice to being good at it, and to craft a "quality product". But in this game, characters craft many things from leather from the day 1 of wilderness. They don't even read a book for leather crafti