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  1. I'm practicing loper HRV opening and exploring possibilities. Some positions are well known for fixed or almost fixed hacksaw, prybar, bedroll, ski jacket, earwrap, combat pants, and etc. But my question is, is this possible to reach HRV signal at the beginning? Loper does not provide any lootable hatchets, it is not possible to cross the brushes. But I read some posts from here and elsewhere, that HRV signal fire provide (almost fixed) hammer and mckinaw jacket, and sometimes even could find a moose carcass nearby. So, I'm curious if it is possible to reach to signal fire in loper HRV start.
  2. I think this is just because of different point of view to see survival mode game. I disagree with you guys, but at the same time, your ideas are not wrong as well, my opinion is just my opinion. There is no correct answer for this issue in fact IMHO. I just don't like the loose end, and I believe the character and player deserve better ending after very long survival, so I think end game option can be a very good reward which a player can choose as a purely selectable option. Maybe, it would be better to introduce such "end game" option to be activated at the random point of after 500+ days of survival mode, only from interloper or interloper-grade games. Or maybe from Stalker. This way, "end game as a reward" become more valuable. And "end game" option itself can be a good "late game" contents. Of course, apart from "end game", more "late game option" for survival mode should be introduced, new maps, new wildlife, more crafting, and item customization... I think we all can agree with that point, right? One thing though, I never said it would be happy ending, but it would be more "open ending". No one knows what will happen. Good point too, these "hidden gems" should be randomized or at least diversified in different ways, so no one can just follow YT or Twitch, and should be challenge enough to deduct. Also, requirements to activate such options should be high enough, so that players can feel the "reward". I really wish rare-skin items, such as rare-skin rifle or hunting knife as a reward. Yeah, that is the point I feel the same too. I invested so many times to specific survival mode characters, and it is too sad that the only way to "properly finish" that character is death, or give up and uninstall, or forget him/her and play a new one....
  3. I think, just introducing some smart AI to normal wolf might be a solution. Key is, wolves should be more unpredictable, and should be more dangerous then now. 1) Sudden break and turn during charge, just like current Timberwolf maneuver. 2) Don't make wolf 100% charge when being aimed 3) "Crazy ivan maneuver" = sudden fast switching from flee to charge (180 degree turn) 4) Then, introduce Timbers to other maps as well. 5) Reduce the base number and spawn chance of wolf, but increase patrol range. 6) Add more patrol pattern to induce more "ambush" 7) Increase health of wolf, so that nothing can kill wolf instantly except headshot and/or critical hit. This way, wolf will be something like @odizzido described. But this will make everyone's life in TLD really harsh, especially loper and loper-grade customs. And players who don't want to see challenge will not like such option, so... I guess there should be more options for "wolf AI difficulty". With more options, let the custom mode can open the feat as well. On the other hand, I think, introducing new predator type, like polar bears and some big cats, may resolve some issues about wolves. I mean, in different ways. Keep the wolves as it is (but maybe change name to stray dogs) and introduce puma and polar bear for example with their own unique characteristic. This would introduce additional challenge from different direction. I guess the idea of big cats and polar bear should be suggested in this forum a lot of times.
  4. Maybe aim stamina can be interpreted as several factors, like level of concentration. It is true that some practice/training is needed to keep steady aim and steady barrel during shooting. TLD didn't introduce all these details to rifle/revolver/archery anyway so I'm assuming they tried to simplify all these details in one parameter of "aim stamina meter". However, I still believe that they need to introduce "hold breath meter" instead of "aim stamina meter". Or, keep the current "aim stamina meter" as it is, but differentiate draining speed very differently by skill level, so that anyone can feel the effect of leveling up for rifle, revolver, and archery. And then add "hold breath" option. It is OK to assume that they read all these tricks and techniques and being very good at them at level 5.
  5. Not the high seas, but if you see the horizon from DP, you can see another island over there. I think there might be a chance of new region in far future? I guess the possible next map would be Blackrock prison or Perseverance Mills or both, but who knows the future after those? Nobody expected Bleak Inlet when the new map comes out. It might be interesting to introduce a new island, only approachable by boat or natural bridges tides or iceberg or frozen sea, only possible to cross the sea at specific, limited amount of time. Regarding the end game, I think this is just difference of point of view. My characters are ~120 days but I think eventually this character will follow the infinite loop of beach combing rotation and coal farming, like every 10~15 days cycle. It would be still fun to challenge how far I can reach, (I know some dude survived 10 year in loper game) but I know I will get bored before reach that point and will give up. Plus, I think my character deserve better ending than that... One thing I'm thinking is, "late game contents" and "end game contents" should be distinguished. Me and many other wish to see more maps and more things to enjoy, which includes "late game contents" like basic item crafting, item decoration, or search for rare item, more animals and rare/strong "named" animals, and etc. I think "end game contents" can be a good "late game contents" as well. The motivation of "end game contents" in my wish list post was "late game contents" + better ending for character, purely as optional contents. At the same time, I also wish to see other "late game contents", which are not necessarily ends the game. So many people wants basic level of crafting, more animals, as well as more maps... If the manpower and budget of Hinterland is limited, then I would choose "late game contents".
  6. How about differentiate reload animation time based on rifle skill level? Very long (longer than now) at level 1, but getting faster and faster at higher rifle level. Anything like "mad minute" should be allowed to be performed at level 5, and even then, (I already suggested this) such fast shooting should involve good amount of accuracy penalty to successive shots.
  7. Well, even in loper, possible full-rest-time without condition damage due to dehydration is 10hr, as far as I know, I never slept 12 hr, even 11 hr in loper game so far. But in this setting, I found 10hr rest also makes dehydration issue. So, depending on the situation, I usually rest 8hr, sometimes 9hr. This dehydration issue is increasing some difficulty, because I set no condition recover during the day, and low condition recover at rest. Rest time is not enough, condition recovery rate is slower than loper, and weather is too cold, losing condition too fast. Obviously this setting throws much hard ball at early stage when compared to typical loper. (But not like ATDS challenge game) At the same time, I think dehydration wouldn't annoy me after early stage, once I roll the snowball and set up the base. It is just matter of a luck and time, how fast I find hammer and hacksaw, make tools, hunt some and craft coats, and how fast I get the cooking pot (and don't forget to bring after use). Finding cooking pot is an issue as well. Fortunately, I start from HRV and I think I will going to find some from Milton, hopefully.
  8. I think you are in the learning curve process, don't worry. Eventually, wolves will become easier and easier as you build more experiences. If you play loper early stage, if there's nothing to fight with, then it can be a problem. But once you get bow and arrow, things dramatically change to opposite direction. Then, wolves become food supply at later stage once cooking level reached 5. If you play any lower difficulty, then check famous rifle/revolver places to loot them. Trust me, I don't have archery skill like TLD veterans like Kimiota neither anyone like Robin Hood. But if you have enough bow and arrow experience, close range head shot will become very easy. Their pattern is predictable, the current wolf AI is designed to react to your aim command. You can attempt "fake aim" by just posing the aim motion (without being in full aim, this can be achieved by just short click the aim mouse button) and let them run to you, then you can select the better position for your favor. I'm practicing mid-range archery these days, which is not easy. But I guess I will eventually get some sense of arrow drop with respect to distance. I think TLD does not consider wind to arrow trajectory. Typically, as far as I know and based on what I saw here, it takes a week or 10 days to respawn if you didn't harvest carcass. If you harvested anything, then it can be reduced 3 to 5 days. But in loper game, wildlife population reduction setting is high. Once this option kicks in (probably from 30~50 days I guess?), respawn chance of wolf or any animal will be reduced. My loper character survived around 125 days and I'm in Coastal Highway, I can feel this. I killed them enough, and now there are not much of them when compared to early stage of the game. I suggested similar thing, the end game option in survival mode. I also think this would be interesting.
  9. I'm playing both - loper and stalker. Both of them survived slightly more than 100 days. Regarding custom mode I suggested in survival game forum, I only survived 10 days (all in-game time) and that custom mode is even more challenging than loper: Everything same with loper, but no recovery at usual and low recovery at rest, much aggressive wildlife setting (higher blood/meat smell strength, and wider wildlife detection range). It is challenging custom setting, not like ATDS, but still challenging. Yeah, wolf close encounter can finish any loper or loper-grade-custom games. I'm not denying, tens of characters has been perished so far from my account, especially loper games, due to coldness and 2~3 wolf/bear encounters. Especially at early stage. I prefer HRV start for my loper game, and wolves in HRV really loves "hummies" But I still want to see more challenge. Frankly, I'm not sure if I had any issues against wolves from the moment when I equipped with bow and arrow. I don't need med-range (around 50m) sniping archery, just close range headshot is getting easier and easier as I get more experience. Maybe I played other FPS games and had low learning curve to archery of TLD? But anyway, I even play with Timbers in BI only with bow and arrows. Once you know the pattern and know how to select a "good place" to fight, it is not that bad. Especially from archery level 5, you can even ambush them since their detection range decreases when you crouched down. In fact, as my birch samples are running low (I need more beach combing), I even intentionally choose to struggle against wolves, since my protection is not that bad, and for some reason struggle using hammer against wolves usually bring me good results. Hatchet is a good choice as well. That way, I think I could save more supplies for bows and arrows. But fatigue level is important for struggle. If it is too cold and if fatigue is below 50%, it is better to throw a meat and run away or use flare. What I wish is a some sort of progressive wolf AI. First start with usual normal wolf AI. But, as time progress, let's assume wolves learn from experiences against "hummies", and being smart. So, increase one or two charge patterns like serpentine every 20 days, and increase new patrol pattern every 20 days, or change patrol area to major road networks with abundant covers, where the chance of sudden ambush engagement increases, and rotate those "hot spots" every 20 days. Or, it might be possible to increase/change patterns or change patrol area based on number of wolf kills of the character, like increase/change patterns or change patrol area every 20 wolf kills. Such "progressive predator AI" should be selectable option, so that players who don't want too tough challenge can just simply rule out new AI and play with old AI. Timber pack in other maps is also a good idea IMO, but I also know some ppl don't want to see that, so I think this should be an option too. These are not realistic wolf behavior, but well, this game already begins with many unrealistic features so...
  10. 6) Aim stamina improvement I think the draining speed of aim stamina is bit too fast. I can understand with novice, but with level 5 rifle character should be able to hold more, based on his knowledge from books and experience. So, I think it would be better to differentiate the aim stamina draining speed from level 1 to level 5. I think bow and revolver should be the same. Previously I also suggested about shooting positions, I guess more positions like prone position might be able to help this issue of too fast aim stamina draining. 7) Hold breath option, for very short moment. I think current TLD has no option to hold breath when shooting, for rifle, revolver and arrow. But I think this should be included, because holding breath control is like 101 of all shooting. While holding breath, the natural swaying motion of rifle, revolver, and arrow should be removed or significantly reduced. For the balance, I think hold breath option should be introduced from level 4, based on assumption that player read this from book and practiced/mastered during low level. Plus, for balance, let's limit the hold breath duration for very short. Like, 3 seconds for level 4, and 4 seconds for level 5. It is not realistic but for the sake of game balance and to prevent too easy rifle. And, if temperature is decreasing too fast or if the temperature is too low, such breath hold action time should be greatly reduced, or cannot be performed. This is also not realistic but let's just assume to prevent too easy rifle. Plus, after hold breath duration is over, aim stamina draining speed should be increased, and aim should become unstable.
  11. This really depends on situation. What I can say is, if you play lower difficulty (up to stalker), rifle would be better. But if you try higher difficulty (custom based on interloper), arrow will be better. Currently I'm testing a custom setting, which is based on interloper but modified a bit. Detail info is in following post. Anyway, I turned on the rifle and turned off the revolver. In this setting, all item/loot settings are the same with interloper. It is incredibly hard to find rifle and ammo. (or I'm just unlucky). Up to Stalker, ammo is not that terribly difficult to find, and rifle locations are well known. However, in custom setting where rifle is on but with everything-else-loper, rifle and ammo is rare item. Without ammo, rifle will be just a heavy burden. What will you do with rifle if all you have is less than 5 rounds? So, in this case, better get used to bow and arrow, which is lighter and can be crafted. In this setting, I guess rifle will be late-game contents, from the moment player loot enough ammo, at least 20+, after looting from entire maps. One other aspect of loper-grade-custom difficulty is coldness. After some test from Stalker difficulty, I found that handshake during aim down sight is very dependent on two aspects: fatigue and body temperature. I need to do more test, but if your fatigue circle or warmth circle is below 75%, hand-shake increases, and long range shot become less accurate. Best accuracy can be achieved when your warmth circle and fatigue circles are full, or at least both are +75% and increasing. (Be careful, take a grain of salt to this opinion, this is just my opinion after some tests regarding rifle, and it is not 100% sure yet. ) But, in loper game or loper-grade-custom game, it is really cold, so that it is hard to find the optimal condition to achieve accurate "long range" rifle shooting. Medium range (up to 40m or 50m) and short range is fine, but at that moment, bow and arrow are also useful, and more light.
  12. I'm not there yet, but when I reach the point of extreme boredom in TLD, then I would go to DP, go to top of the lighthouse, wait until dawn, take off everything, take a cup of hot coffee and a piece of moose steak for the last time, and watch the sunrise, and fall a sleep which would never be able to wake up. You could call this Arthur Morgan style, well, except the steak and coffee. But anyway, I like that DP lighthouse. I also considered a honorable combat against the bear or moose, only with barehand. Either way, I wish my character to head up when facing the end, not down. But, jeez, but just imagining that gave me gloomy feeling, even in PC game. I really wish any proper end-game option and more late-game contents and more maps for survival mode. I believe my character deserve better ending than this.
  13. I'm not sure if this can be called optimal, but I prefer HRV start to look for hacksaw, match, some cloths. You don't need to explore entire HRV to loot some items, but there are some famous spots in Ice cave and elsewhere in HRV. It wouldn't take too much time, just hit and run start tactic. After that, move to MT to get hammer. If hammer is not found in MT, then head to ML fast. Once get hammer, I prefer to go to Riken because of affluent source of coals in vicinity. Yeah, wolves are also issue there especially in CH (on the way to DP) but well, I think it would still better than other furnace locations in terms of weather and wolves. But PV/TWM is good start too. Climbing up to the peak of Mt. Timberwolf is easier than HRV, IMO. Well, in interloper, tail section will never give you "affluent items", but if you visit early, at least food and match issues will be gone for a while. So, even when I start from HRV, I usually try to climb up the peak and loot all containers at least within a month, if possible. But usually the problem for me is time cost for crafted coats. Idea of permanent base location differs by style IMO. In terms of very very long term survival (if you somehow get out of boredom and keep continue after 1 yr in game), I think BI is good idea too. Once you kill enough number of Timberwolves, they won't respawn that much due to wildlife population reduction. Milling machine can repair anything with a cost of one metal piece, so you need to visit there anyway if you run out of whetstone. BI offers two fishing huts, beach combing spot, and 6 slot cooking site. Well, it is cold place, but in interloper, any place is cold in late game, isn't it? As far as I know and from what I've read, very very late game will become beach combing game. So, people typically rotate DP, CH, and BI to search for any items along the frozen coastline. If you get bored, then you can try faithful cartographer from interloper, I guess it should worth it