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I had some cups of tea sitting on a desk next to a fire barrel in Quonset Garage and I kept hearing this bubbling noise even though nothing was on the fire.. come to find out those cups were warming up on the desk. Very cool. Didn't know this was an aspect of the cooking machine.

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Yes. When you want to keep drinks hot while crafting, fishing or sleeping, that's the way to go.

I usually heat 2 cups before I go into a cold trip, I drink the first as I leave then the second about 10 minutes before the first one warming effect goes off.

You can secure 1h40 walking in harsh conditions that way 😉

It helped me walk out of the Muskeg after a forging session more than once.

Also, I always have at least one cup of coffee, even cold, it will save you from collapse from fatigue should your trip turn bad.

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15 hours ago, piddy3825 said:

curious, does that open the cans?   so how do the cans look when you pick them back up and look at them in your inventory?  

Yes, a can automatically opens when you place it near a fire.  If you don't eat the warmed-up food and put it back in your inventory, it looks like an opened can and you can eat it any time (it doesn't need to be reopened).


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