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I haven't found a thread on this topic since recent updates, so I'm starting a new one.

Here's the scenario:

  • Prior to the HRV update (Vigilant Flame?), my 'World Explored' stat was 97%. Also at this time, I had not achieved Faithful Cartographer.
  • Following the BI update (Errant Pilgram?), this stat was obviously lower. I was now interested in achieving Faithful Cartographer.
  • I had managed to miss mapping large chunks of MT, and a couple of transition icons. Faithful Cartographer achieved. My 'World Explored' stat was still around 94%
  • Since the Fearless Navigator update, I've retraced pretty much the entire world searching for Polaroids, I've triggered a couple of other locations, and I'm now at 96%

Due to an ongoing pandemic and being sequestered, I have been determined to get this to 100%, but now I'm not sure if it's possible. My log shows I've explored 289 locations, or 96% of the world explored. That would mean that there are ~300 total locations to get to 100%. I can imagine having  missed maybe 1 or 2, but not 11.

Has anyone, since the last few updates, been able to get to 100% World Explored? Is anyone else kind of stuck around 96%?

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