The Ability to Put Out Fires with Snow


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The ability to put out fires, or at a minimum outdoor fires with either snow or water. 


The whole point of a fire is to keep warm and in the long dark that means keeping it going for as long as possible, but with the ability to remove outdoor fires in the latest update I found myself getting impatient while waiting for the fire to go out. This is somewhat of an issue especially with outdoor fires because sometimes they go longer than expected. I just wanted to make a request to be able to move snow over the fire or some function to end it prematurely. The main reason was so that I can clean up after myself and not waste time waiting for the fire to go out. This is especially true when waking up the next morning with an hour or two to kill when I am losing daylight, and I want to get moving but there is a little bit of burn left. I'm not sure if this is in the spirit of the game, and it may be a bit counter intuitive, but it's an otherwise small addition that I think would pair nicely with the ability to remove outdoor fires in the most recent update. 

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I never thought about it but really this is obvious for those who want to break down their fires. It's one of those obvious things that aren't obvious to people like me who don't break down fires.

Actually that's not true. Once I made a fire that blocked my path. Since we can't step over a campfire I was certainly glad we could break them down so I could get through again. I imagine if it had been a six hour fire I would be posting here about this exact thing, though I think for different reasons.

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I think people in this situation usually pull torches from the fire until the remaining time is under 10 minutes. 

Obv. this is a workaround and not a substitute for the ability to extinguish fires. 

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I think considering how valuable warmth is in this game, I can't imagine why one would want to douse a fire.  Especially since we can effectively recover sticks from said fire by pulling torches (as @Dr. S. mentioned), and then breakdown those torches.  We don't recover much, but we can at least recover some (which can mean the difference between life and death in this game).  


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