When was Feat Achievement Removed from Custom Mode?

Vince 49

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Probably a better topic for the Time Capsule sub-forum.

Also to better answer your question, check the Change Logs and look for the update that introduced Custom Survival Mode.  To my knowledge, from it's inception... Custom Mode has never allowed feat progression by design.

However.. if you read through the change logs you may find a patch between the inception of custom mode and a bug fix pertaining to feats.  Even if you do, that's no guarantee that a bug would work for you even if you could/did roll back.

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You were never able to unlock Feats during custom mode... cos during custom, you can set it up to grind out all your Feats in no time at all as you have control over everything...so its not really a Feat at all. You can still get achievements, but badges and feats on custom have never been possible.  You can activate them in custom, but not earn them. 

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