Where are the Bars/Pubs?


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1 hour ago, hozz1235 said:

You gotta admit, almost every town (despite it's size) has both a church and a bar.  I've seen the churches in TLD, where are the bars!? 🤪

I had a similar thought and my head-canon is that one of the demolished buildings in Milton used to be a bar, but since there were so few people left nobody bothered to rebuild.  Everyone just buys beer at Quincy's Quonset or Dan Presnell's store in Thomson's Crossing and drinks at home.

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Purely speculation, and my Canadian history is somewhat lacking, but generally there were a lot of temperance movements (and of course prohibition in the US), around the time Milton was founded- I know of certain areas of cities and towns near me that are still surprisingly sparse of pubs/ bars, even allowing for recent economic and social changes.  so it could be a cultural thing.  Sometimes a suburb or town would be developed by a group or single benefactor with sobriety as a condition of residence- the Bournville chocolate worker's village, for example.  That said, good luck getting many miners trekking out to Long Bear with only the thought of a game of bingo once a week for entertainment!

The other, simpler explanation is that it is to do with classification/ age rating- IIRC though Will is on the whiskey and fags in the opening cut scene of wintermute (not sure, but was this only added in redux?).

A booze mod could be fun: 'HEY BUDDY! Guy in the stupid bear suit!  Yeah you!  What time does the next damn train leave?' 

Or else waking up 6 hours later than you intended, to find that you ransacked your last remaining packets of jerky the night before.

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would have to speculate that it is probably a convenience store thing....if great bear was super touristy kind of attraction during the summer months, my bet would be that only the popular convenience stores would be the ones to retain any sort of beer or liquor. 

With that said tho, I would also like to believe it would be one of the first things bought, stolen, or looted after things started to fall apart. Yeah, its something to drink, but a smart survivor would also realize its good to use as a disinfectant, fire starter {if the proof is high enough}, and also as an alternative fuel for vehicles. {again, if the proof is high enough} 

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