Hearing this guy make me feel this game is not advanced and restricted !


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I've seen this video before on YouTube and it made me chuckle.  What amused me the most was the survivalist constantly commenting on how if it were he, IRL, he would be taking stock of the situation and be thoroughly looking around and assessing the situation before acting.  All the while never stopping to assess his characters condition or even  once check his inventory and doing practically the opposite of everything  he was saying in game.  I blame whoever staged the video for not having explained the basics of gameplay to the guy...  

 Never the less, he did bring up some salient survival points that certainly could be applied to the game mechanics.  I liked the hollowed out haybale idea as a temporary storm shelter.  I could see that being incorporated into the game, much in the way the snow shelter was added.   I think a lot of players sometimes forget that TLD is a game, first and foremost and not a survival simulator.    I would however, would love to play a survival simulator game based on all the real life possibilities mentioned in the video and maybe one day the good folks at Hinterland, might take that on as a project.  Here's to hoping that the do!  😉



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The one part that irked me is he didn't have his survival priorities straight, he went chasing deer (literally, like without a weapon) on day one and died of exposure when he should know by heart that exposure will kill him faster than starving or anything else. 

The hay bale was a nice idea and we do have the ability to break down a lot of things for resources now. I also think the team that filmed this video should have given him a chance to get acquainted with the controls first and helped with his visibility issues. 

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16 hours ago, piddy3825 said:

I blame whoever staged the video for not having explained the basics of gameplay to the guy


The only interesting parts are those where he talks about what he could do with some stuff, like warming in the haystacks.


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I would say the game IS advanced but definitely restricted.  It is a game after all.  I love this game but I always wanted it to be more of a sandbox than it is.  They've done some world crafting like snow shelter and some item placement but other than that you are pretty restricted in that regard.  I mean you can't even jump, you sprain a wrist just walking on a slope and wolves act like you're a wounded rabbit lol.  But yeah they tell you straight up that nothing you learn in this game should be applied to a real survival situation. 

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