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Now I don’t want this game to become a shooter at all, but I just feel that maybe if you could make some changes to a weapon to change it’s statistics, then it  would allow for some diverse gameplay. Weapon modifications could be rare items that spawn around Great Bear in random locations. I only have ideas for the rifle right now, as I don’t know what you could use to modify a hand-crafted bow. One example is a special type of ammo for the rifle that increases damage towards animals, at the cost of more durability spent per shot, or a kit that when crafted with the rifle in the milling machine, could give the rifle a better stock that would extend the aiming timer, at the cost of some accuracy. It could even be little things, like iron sights that glow in the dark to help you aim better at night like the picture below. 


You can even customize your weapon by using different things like smearing rose hip berries on the stock, making engravings with a hunting knife, different sight designs, etc.


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I think the weapons are great as they are.  I don't see a need to make things more complicated... and I'm generally not in favor of things that game life easier for our survivor. 

I also think that an important part of the feel of the game is needing to make due with what you have. 

for me... I'd say "no thank you" to weapon mods.

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Since we are making our own ammo now it would probably be easy to make some overpressure ammo. But that would be pretty dangerous? If it were real life I would never do that, I would rather not have my weapon explosively malfunction in my face.

As to the stock idea, having a better stock should increase accuracy if anything. If you want to increase aim time you can reduce the weight of the gun, so cutting out the stock some or shortening the barrel. Cutting the barrel would hurt accuracy for minimal weight and I would never do it, but you might be able to get away with drilling holes in the stock without any real downsides. The weight savings would be tiny though. I would be okay with having an hour or two of work reducing the weight of the gun from 4kg to 3.95kg and increasing aim time by 2-3% for that. It would likely never be noticeable, but I would still do it if I had the time.


What I think might be cool though is drilling out a hole large enough to keep a clip in the stock. Gameplay wise I don't think it would make any real difference, but in real life that would be something I might do. I guess then it comes down to is the cool factor enough to do it and that's only opinion.

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