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It's per region.  I have 5 in HRV, 5 in Milton, currently 4 in Forlorn Muskeg but soon to be 5.  It's going to be so sweet not having to lug 150kg worth of crap that fell through the ground back from the lost and found every time there's an update.  The moment I saw craftable storage is finally here, that became a side mission, alongside "find all Polaroids".

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I am curious as to why we are limited to five per region. Is it a limit in the game's code? It is performance related? Something else? It seems strange that you would even think to put a limit on them so there must be a reason.

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It was probably thought that five would do for a start and see how it is received and used.  If there were no big problems then they could look at more.  You can bet they were concerned about the constant requests for player crafted and placed containers  and what allowing these player constructed caches would do and how they would be used.  Also it would be far easier and less disruptive to expand the number of caches and than to shrink the number.  

So five seems reasonable for a start.  There could have been technical concerns too with a let's try this and then wait and see. 

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