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I don't see this kind of thing as being necessary at all.  Drinks already stay "hot" for a fairly decent amount of game-time after coming off the fire... and a bit of good player planning goes along way in taking advantage of that.  I just don't think a thermos would add any significant gameplay value (especially when we consider the time, resources, and re-balancing that would likely be need in order to implement). 

Also, I'm generally not in favor of things that make life easier for the player. :D

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This makes me think about the Accessory slot.  Currently, it's a no-brainer.  Why would you take anything other than a moosehide satchel and wool ear wrap currently?  I would like to see this made as more of a tactical decision.  So I would be in favor of a thermos that keeps a drink hot for like 8 hours...if it only worked when equipped in an accessory slot.  Now you have some decisions to make.

I have the same thoughts on a lot of things.  Bite sleeve to significantly reduce wolf damage?  Accessory slot.  Binoculars to see in the distance?  Accessory slot.  Snow shoes to give a movement boost in snow?  Accessory slot.  A scope on the rifle to snipe wolves from halfway across the muskeg?  Accessory slot. I could go on but I've made my point :)

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