Invisible People

Bill Tarling

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Well, this is a wish list...

There must be somebody else alive [i love finding new bodies -- so I'm not sure if they're all placed at the same time at the start, or if wolves have taken down some other virtual people].

It's the idea of there actually being other people still alive [even if, through programming, we can never catch up to them].

Whether as a teaser, or even a clue -- I would love to see a person in the distance [naturally they would be too far away to catch up to]... or fine a few storage areas restocked (see Searching In The Dark thread)

The idea of other "survivors" might mean finding a stack of collected wood bat at a building, some worn clothes, medicine, or even just arriving with the remnants of a fire still burning. Nothing completely restocked, just some bare bone items to keep the game going longer.

In the distance, might even see a pack of wolves take down somebody [frozen corpse to be searched].


I would love to hear a rifle shot in the distance once in a while! The louder it is, the closer the source... it would mean somebody might [low percentage chance] have left part of their kill behind.

The louder the shot, the closer it would be...

It could also be a double edge sword to keep us moving -- and another way to keep us on the move... They could be "shooting at us"

e.g. We've come across a storage spot restocked with some good items -- do we risk gathering the stuff or getting the hell out of there fast if we hear a gunshot so close... [Logic].

The double door building would be a good place for that type of encounter -- hear a shot one side, you better run like hell out the other door... and always a chance [low percentage] of us being hit or grazed by a shot [injury].

For getting to buildings, a "figure in the distance", it would also add to the need for caution. Once we know where the buildings are [or after playing a few rounds], it's easy just to make a dash for them to get away from wolves, or to rest.

BUT... if you approach an area [e.g. logging camp] and see a figure way ahead in that area wandering around buildings, then you need to make the decision on how caution or how desperately you need to get there.

A figure near a building may have left something [hopeful chance of a restock item], may have left nothing [should happen most often], might steal some item(s) from your supplies while you sleep, or might fire a shot outside (while you're in the building) which means you need to get out fast and start running!

AGAIN -- we never actually have to encounter or interact with the figure -- but it does add a sense of hope (and worry) that somebody else might be out there... and there's a good chance they're as desperate as we are to survive.

Does seeing them mean risk, or reward... or nothing... we have to keep moving to find out, and it's never safe to stay in one place too long.

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Starvation, Bleeding to death, die of dysentery, freeze to death, eaten by wolves, die of thirst, be killed by infection and you want to throw in killed by gun shot . . . . Sheeesh you don't want much do ya Bill . . . ?? :P JK

In the story mode, would be interesting if the NPC's could be a bit of a threat, but I do remember reading somewhere that this was a possibility ?? No ??

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16 hours ago, AZHockeyNut said:

In longer games you could start "seeing things" that would be cool or earlier if you were dehydrated. Maybe you got a bad mushroom? 


But in all seriousness I thing visions such as a mirage could be cool things in story mode but probably not in sandbox.

Over doing this could also make the game a bit weird though

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