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  1. Sleep if u have that much stuff on you. When u wake the power will be off and u can walk right on by the way they tell you above. No sense getting fried
  2. That's why I created a stash area that can be accessed and I have tons of cloth and sticks stored to keep the snow shelter going. Hard part will be keeping fire lit. My assumption is all buildings will be locked. I hope I am wrong
  3. Now that you have it downloaded has anyone changed their PC time settings and played offline to see what net effect that might have if any?
  4. piling up loads of cloth and sticks.....for snow shelter...gonna make use be outside might as well be prepared.
  5. Yeah let's see..starve or try to smash an hole and fish. I am betting Will McKensie would fish and Astrid too.
  6. Sure but that's only for meat what about when cooking shrooms, rose hips, water, anything in a can etc.
  7. Frosty! And she just ate me! I had no weapons was searching for shelter when grrrrr WTF was that?...grrr....chomp chomp chomp Ahhhhhh! over
  8. No there was a cave I started near that when I entered said I was leaving the map like a transition point does. But I spawned there and had no matches and no light source so going in there would have gotten me killed. I have yet to find it again sadly.
  9. +1 that would be great maybe 15 min intervals on books could be captured.
  10. Well fluffy was an indoor pet, this beauty was outdoor, probably a cousin....scruffy. ;-)
  11. Anyone try mapping it yet? It's pretty fun but dang without any structures it sure is a challenge No where near a forge and I find a hammer yay but nothing to use it on sadly. Found improvised hatchet on another run, can't find coffee so the double rope climb might be tough plus I gotta find something to cut the brush as the hatchet was a different run Oh well. I managed to run away from a wolf and I had no scent but he followed me a looonnnggg way up to a snowfort and came back after my nap...holy #&#&#&
  12. I'd say A watched pot never boils...or an anticipated update never gets delivered....something like that
  13. Far too many hours in TLD. But I left for a bit and came back hoping for the elusive promised updates...still waiting. Anyhow something bugs me, in story mode we have a piece of broken metal, we use it as a crude knife Yet, in sandbox we have no such luck my. We cannot take a metal shard to make a crude arrow or fashion a crude knife. No we have to collect coal and fight off wolves emprt handed to find a forge on only 2 of the maps to make a knife to fashion arrows to use the arrowheads we have to forge....all the while Raf and crew talk about balance. Tld is a great game that symbolizes RL in a fictional place in an amazing way. However I find myself immerses in the story of survival it bothers me that the very thing my character should be doing to survive he or she does not or cannot. All that aside I await the latest release like others but unlike before I don't play much between releases anymore.
  14. Not abandoned at all. They keep posting job openings which means they are either losing staff and need to replace or they are expanding. Supposedly there is some new stuff coming shortly
  15. Hopefully we see settings for things that we need like knife and hatchet not just the general loot setting. To my game those would always be in play since you would absolutely see them up there but maybe clothing could be limited or food. Maybe shelter limited etc