Edge of the World


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I wouldn't call it a bug...unless I managed to walk (limp) somewhere I shouldn't have been able to.

I assume that the world is simply incomplete.

BTW, the effort you guys put into the sky really shows. I'm constantly staring off at the horizon taking in the environment and weather. It's pretty amazing.


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  • Hinterland

Yup - we haven't finished all the edge of the world stuff. Eventually you'll never be able to get to a location like this.

The skies *are* beautiful. Eric did those.


In terms of the falling -- either you found a place that had no collision (unlikely), or you Flew somewhere then dropped yourself under the geo (more likely).

Which one is it, Ray? :)

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Guest Alan Lawrance

One note on the edge of the world stuff -- the current world in the Sandbox Alpha is one slice of the planned world. The world boundaries will enlarge as new areas are added to the world.

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