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Hi all,

I just fired up The Long Dark after being away for a bit and decided to start a new save in the first chapter of Wintermute. However, it seems that the subtitles are broken. Instead of the normal text, I see what looks like the actual filename reference to the line that should be playing, instead of the line itself. Example in the screen shots.

I've tried verifying files and there doesn't seem to be an issue with the rest of the game, as I can play in sandbox mode  with the subtitles working fine. Has anyone run into this problem since the last patch? Any help would be appreciated!


PC specs for reference (It's a 4 year old gaming laptop and runs this game like a dream):

Intel i7 2.4ghz


Nvidia 765M

Windows 7

screen_(2015, 381, 1459)_9a2e32a0-d099-4adc-92c8-3f7f0fba55b3.png

screen_(2015, 383, 1458)_9f8bdc2b-f8c1-47e6-ac95-ec79a6092ec9.png

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Thanks for the information folks! I played into the middle of Episode 1 and never had any problems with the subtitles after the first scene. it only affected the very first intro in my case. If it's already reported I won't worry about adding it to their database then!


Cheers all!

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