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  1. Yes please! Item Priority has come up a few times over the past year, so I know there are others who want it, too! This should include things like: what item you pull out as your light source, what weapon you pull out when hunting, what weapon you default to in a Struggle, what item you drop as a decoy, what ignition source to default to when starting a fire, etc.
  2. Have you actually tried hauling 100 raw guts in the game? I don’t mean that sarcastically; I actually am curious if you are confirming that 100 raw guts only gave you one stink bar, or if that was just a creative exaggeration. I had a theory on the scent mechanics, where each stinky item had an invisible stink value, and the stink bars just indicate a range of values (so one bar might be between 1 and 20, two bars might be 21-40...), which would indicate that a single raw gut has a small value since you say holding ten units doesn’t raise you above one stink bar. Since ten raw guts used to equate to two or three stink bars back when I conducted stink experiments, it seems all of my info is no longer accurate. ::sigh:: Blank Excel spreadsheet, here we go again...
  3. Personally, I’d be happy if you could just find various colored push-pins somewhere and then poke them into your map. Then you can designate your own meaning to each color and mark all sorts of useful things! Green could be “stockpile I left behind”, blue could be “indoor stove”, red could be “spotted a bear here”, etc.
  4. Yup, I also suggested this last year. I—without fail—forget that I need to select a weapon at the beginning of every Wolf Struggle, so always accidentally select my bare hands (the selection screen feels so out of context to me at the time that, even though I know it’s a thing, its presence always confuses me). And I see no reason why I wouldn’t equip my hatchet as I see the wolf run at me. Upon reflection of my original suggestion, I can see how requesting to put the weapon directly in my hand while I explore could be a slippery slope leading to an overhaul of the melee fighting system (eg, “if it’s already in my hand, why can’t I swing with it?”). So perhaps the simpler solution would be to select a weapon as a “primary” one, which you default to in a Wolf Struggle, thus removing the weapon selection screen entirely?
  5. If they were to implement your suggestion, I think it would raise too many questions about why you can still use your hands just fine... then it’s basically requesting special animation showing you doing things with several dead fingers, and ultimately, I see no way for this to ever be solved in a truly satisfactory way. Perhaps it’s best they just leave frostbite in the mind’s eye so we don’t really have to think about how we’re alive with a frost bitten head... Unless you’re suggesting a rework of the frostbite system so that different frost bitten body parts have different effects (eg, feet would increase trip chance and decrease speed, hands would increase the time to do anything, head would be rewritten to nose/ears and remove your ability to tell when you stink/remove all animal sounds from the game). With the condition having more impact on the game, it would make more sense to have a visual reminder on the character’s hands, though I don’t think it would be fully necessary.
  6. This is perhaps the most elegant solution I have seen for the rotted meat still being edible exploit! Yes, a million upvotes to this post! Further, I think that food should lose calories as it decays. It’s ridiculous that you can eat a rotted hunk of meat at 0% condition and still get the full calorie intake of a freshly cooked steak.
  7. But...but you didn’t answer ANY of the questions TheRealPestilence asked! That’s why they asked them! The only thing that has been confirmed is that different weapons do different damage, but we still don’t know if weapon damage is cumulative, if bleeding effects stack, if animals heal... I appreciate that he is doing these QAs, but it would be better if he would read the full question before answering (or dismissing) the question he thinks is being asked. And he even admits in his own answer here that the previous mailbag only answers some of the question (well, none of it, but it is related, yes). So why not say WHY he’s not going to answer the rest? It’s fine if the answer is something like “I really don’t know; that’s a question for the programmers”, but there’s no point in choosing a question to answer and then NOT answering it at all.
  8. Hello! My roommate has been having this problem consistently, too. He has 37 crashes since June 7, 2018, often within an hour of starting/restarting after the last crash. He has reported every one through the prompt the PS4 provides (error code is always CE-34878-0) with the footage leading up to the crash, but didn’t think it was necessary to report it on the forums (>.> which is why I’m reporting it). This crash will always result in him having to relaunch the game (the crash having closed the game) and resume from whatever save was the most recent before the crash interrupted the attempted save. I’ve witnessed these crashes several times, and it definitely seems tied to the auto save mechanic. The most common crashes occur when: he enters a building (most common), he tries to sleep, or he gets injured. He has seen it happen on occasion from passing time on melting water, but he rarely utilizes that option, anyway. There was also an odd crash that happened simply when he was walking, but there was no indication a sprain may have caused it like there normally is in that situation. He says there was no noticeable difference in occurrence from region to region, being equally common in all areas. As for the savefile itself, he is on Voyageur, female survivor, day 476 with 87% of the world explored (and theoretically, mapped. The majority of the unexplored area is the new map, Hushed River Vally. The crashes have only been occurring with this increased frequency since the last update. This is, of course, on a fully updated PS4, with a fully updated game. As a potentially related bug, another curious thing I witnessed in his game (and he reported happens on occasion) is a strange audio bug when sleeping. It sounds like the zipper of the bedroll got stuck repeating part of the sound for the entire time he’s asleep (with a different sound when this occurs in a bed). The game resumes just fine afterwards. This could be entirely unrelated, since it’s never happened at other auto-save times, but on the off chance it has anything at all to do with the crashing bug, I thought it would be a good idea to include it. I hope this additional info helps track down what’s causing this bug!
  9. So this is a rare occurrence in Voyageur, but not in Stalker? Or rare for both difficulties?
  10. In a single game, I take it? Huh, maybe I’ve just been having weirdly low bear populations prior to this.
  11. (I promise there’s a point to this) So I’ve only ever played Stalker difficulty once before (and I don’t think for very long), when I was feeling super confident from Voyageur playthroughs and reading all the tips on these forums. Unfortunately, real life interfered and I haven’t played since October. So to celebrate getting a chance to play again (though, without access to my previous saves), I started a new Stalker game yesterday! So I start in CH, being most familiar with that map, but was unsure of how much time I had before wolves spawn (I assumed the grace-period would be shorter than Voyageur’s). Before wolves had spawned, I spotted a bear on the western section at the Fishing Camp (I assume he came down the hill on the other side of the road from his spawn point up there). Later, a bear sneaked up on me and mauled my butt at Misanthrope’s Homestead (from the bear cave there, though I have no idea why he was so stealthy). Later still, and dying of food poisoning (from a 57% cooked fish...), I followed a path uphill behind Coastal Townsite that doubles back on itself (hoping the deer I’m following is trying to lead me to something that will stop my impending death). I saw tracks, assumed they were from the deer, then considered how large they were... and got mauled by a bear (I assume from the bear spawn that is really close to there). So, in summation, I have three bears on my Stalker CH map. Is that normal? In Voyageur, I’ve only ever run into one occasion where I had two bears on one map. Does Stalker just have more bears by default, or did I get (un)lucky? And do bears have a different grace period timer than wolves, or none at all? And how soon before I get killed by a moose? Because I’m guessing within another two game days... My poor girl has had a rough five days in this world.
  12. Is it possible that there are hidden checkpoints along the bar that allow you to strike back? Obviously ignoring the one you can get right at the start of the struggle if you time it right. So when you fill the bar to that checkpoint, you get to attack, then again at the next checkpoint— though I suspect this is me simplifying it way too much. Perhaps it indicates the guaranteed end of the struggle. If the wolf has variable damage, then so would you, surely, so perhaps the bar is just indicating that if you roll low on every strike you get, the struggle would still end by the time you fill the bar. Or similarly, it indicates the guaranteed end of the struggle no matter your weapon (ie, the bar always displays where the struggle would end if you were bare-handed), and the fight naturally ends before the gauge is filled completely because you’re using a weapon. Or it could be the wolf’s health. So if you fill it completely, it just dies on you. So being exhausted makes you do less damage, although you strike just as frequently as normal, which means that using the hatchet would scare it off just as easily as normal. Ehm... why the wolf heals that quickly is a mystery, if this is the case. The world may never know.
  13. Someone please correct me if I’m mistaken, but I recall reading somewhere that the devs were against the idea of custom difficulty because it ruined their vision for the game. Like, they had an idea about how the game should be played, and they didn’t want people altering that to take away from the atmosphere and overall experience. Regardless, yeah, I would kill for this feature. You can see all the threads requesting it in Wish List. Hopefully we’ll wear them down soon...
  14. So is there a cap to the number of Striking Events the wolf gets? In which case, the length of the struggle doesn’t matter. If there is no cap, then that seems to indicate that the longer it takes for the player to do the minimum damage to beat the wolf (as would be the case when Exhausted, since the gauge fills slower), the higher the chance that the player will suffer more Striking Events. Are Striking Events at random intervals? Or set? Can you measure Struggles by the number of Events you suffered? If we know each Event does about X damage, and we’ll suffer at least Y Events, then that tells us the danger of the encounter even better than the tests that show the total damage from an encounter. Because let’s face it, humans are not as consistent as a macro (and prone to panic, besides), so I know I, at least, will take longer to fight off wolves. XD I find it hard to believe that a longer fight had no different outcome, and am wondering if, perhaps, you were simply too efficient in fighting it off to see the consequences of fighting while exhausted. As always, you and your methodical testing are incredible, and the community thanks you! <3