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  1. Here’s a random fluff one I came up with reading through suggestions on the wish list. Let’s call it the “Green Thumb” challenge. The idea is to grow a potted plant on a windowsill in every interior location with a window. Since that’s not a mechanic in the game, we’ll have to make do with a few in-game items. For supply reasons, this should probably only be done in Pilgrim or Voyageur (or a custom setting with high loot). In every interior location with at least one window, place an empty tin can on the sill (this is your pot). Next, water your plant, by placing a water bottle next to it on the sill. Lastly, “grow” your plant by depositing a cattail head in the can (or next to it on the sill, if it can’t be put in the can). Once every valid location has a plant growing, your job is done, and you can enjoy your little potted plant as you continue to survive. There’s not much meat to the challenge, but maybe it can be a fun use for the items everyone has too much of.
  2. That’s actually a really interesting mechanic, but I would think that the crows’ cries would alert wolves, bears, and moose, as well, if their brethren have been being killed lately. Maybe you wouldn’t need to appease the crows with crackers so much as just go X number of days without killing or harvesting an animal? Less realistic, maybe, since we’re operating on an accelerated timeline, but more practical than trying to find crackers. This would also mean that if you aren’t willing to wait the X days for the crows to stop warning wildlife away from you, you’re limited to hunting during blizzards, when the crows wouldn’t be out. And then you’re basically the ultimate predator, stalking bears in a blizzard, when they think they’ll be safe from you.
  3. I cannot agree harder. The new music is pleasant, but I can’t NOT compare it to the original, which is just so... moving. Iconic. Perfect and atmospheric. I would also sit and listen to it and it feels like such a letdown when the new song plays instead. Again, not that the new song is bad— it’s a lovely composition, but it just doesn’t move me the same way. To me, it doesn’t represent the game’s atmosphere or the harshness of the weather or the loneliness of the survivor’s experience or the wild beauty of nature reclaiming civilization. It’s just... a nice song that has no emotional attachment for me. Granted, that’s my very biased opinion, since I’ve played since 2014, but my roommate has only been playing since the game was launched on ps4, and he was livid when the music changed. I’d love to be able to use the old music for the main menu. I miss it a lot.
  4. The best change: The trapper’s homestead in Mystery Lake no longer has a chimney that generates smoke all the time. That chimney always freaked me out. Like, I kept expecting the survival mode of the game to suddenly have introduced some feral survivor who would attack me for walking into his house (though maybe I just was affected more deeply than I expected when they unexpectedly added Fluffy. I mean, I still don’t trust any interior location ever because of her). But I also ADORE that the devs finally granted the fans the custom mode. I still haven’t utilized it, because I still want to get the achievements (again) and earn the feats, but at some point, I will only play custom mode and never look back. I also love that they got rid of the tool select at the beginning of a Wolf struggle, because I would always panic-click the first thing (usually a fist or knife) instead of the thing I wanted to use (an axe). I loved when they added mapping to the game, even if I’m not a huge fan of how it was implemented (fingers crossed that on the update I’ll be able to “ping” my location by drawing on an already filled out map, and it will temporarily highlight where I am, and more importantly, show which way I’m facing!). I love that they listened to the fans and added a craftable hat. I love every addition to the map, and for the most part, the overhauls to the maps (when they added that fence and all that stuff right outside the Dam was really exciting! And holy crap, the difference between the old, empty Dam and the new, cluttered Dam is awesome). The game became more real and way more fun once item decay and mending became a thing, and I get a lot of satisfaction from repairing clothing that degrades over time. Y’know, as much as I played the game in the early versions (playing since late 2014), I can’t remember the mechanic used before the paper doll for clothing (was it just done from your inventory?), which I guess means that the paper doll mechanic was a change I deemed so important that I promptly dismissed memories of the before-time. And, of course, the overall art improvements over the years. Oh, and for the story mode: when they changed the conversations to all have voice-overs instead of just the opening part of the conversation, and then the rest of the conversation being a jarring silence that made you think the game glitched.
  5. Hm, what if we remove the option of starting at TWM? You can choose to end there if you want, but that means you’re out a lot of matches, clothes, and tools right at the start. Maybe I should make different levels to this challenge. Any game mode Voyageur+, but state what game mode you used in your run. Easy- rules as listed originally Medium- Easy rules, additionally, no doors allowed (no cars, no fish huts with doors, etc) Hard- Medium rules, additionally, starting zone cannot be Timberwolf Mountain Very Hard- Medium rules, but you may not access TWM at all Insane- Very Hard rules, but also may not utilize any man-made construction (eg. building, shelter, car, train, etc), or loot contained within such a building or vehicle (ruined or otherwise) ((this is essentially the No Looking Back—Natural Survivor challenge))
  6. I remember an old challenge (I forget who posted it... Stormwolf, or something? Good dude, in any case) where the idea was that you would get to the Hydro Carter Dam and drop anything you didn’t start the game with outside of it. Then, it was just a matter of how long can you survive inside the dam using only what you find in there. Very accessible to both experienced and inexperienced players, even in the current version of the game. I’ve seen challenges ranging from “catch the biggest fish” to “the vegan” challenge (in which you couldn’t eat any fish, meat, dog food, pork and beans, condensed milk, or other animal product, and also couldn’t use leather products), both of which are pretty accessible to a broad range of players. I just posted the “No Looking Back” challenge, which would be accessible to newer players, and would likely help you get better at some mechanics in game. For the more experienced, there’s the hard mode, which also doesn’t allow the use of anything with doors. I know there’s a whole bunch of suggestions for other challenges out there, but I can never seem to find them when I’m looking for them.
  7. I think you may be overestimating what you can carry, or what not being able to go into buildings truly limits you to. Sure, this challenge is a little different in style from the “how long can you last” challenges that pit you against very limited supplies in one location, which can generally be measured in days or maybe weeks. This challenge is more likely to run weeks to months in game, unless I bump it up to Interloper (but I honestly think it would be too undoable then), but it just means it’s a different style for those interested in a challenge with a lot more variability in the method to your success. Part of what I find interesting here is the planning and discussion of different methods. And discussing which specific buildings and places might be still accessible even with the limitations of this challenge. The hard mode version of this would potentially be one that doesn’t let you use anything with a door, I think. Perhaps that creates a more finite experience? EDIT: Actually, the more I think about this, the more I like the hard mode of not using anything with doors. No more cars, no fishing huts with door, no mountaineer’s hut that kind of wrecks the curve with not trapping you inside, and no dam for all those resources. It’s just you, the weather, and what caves or ruined buildings you can find (and maybe snow shelters if you can get enough cloth). I’m going to have to add that to the challenge.
  8. The goal of this challenge is to survive as long as possible. The rules of the challenge: >>You may only enter an area that requires your game to save, ONCE each. This means that if you start in Mystery Lake, you may leave it, but you may never return. This also means that if you enter a house, you may not leave it, unless it has an exit that would put you in a different zone than the one you entered from. The idea being that you are unable to turn back, and will only move forward—retracing your steps is not an option (but for the sake of gameplay and accessibility, let’s say this doesn’t limit paths within a zone). >>You can spend as long as you want in any zone, provided you do not return to a zone >>The game mode should be set to Voyager >>You choose where you start your game >>No feats are allowed >>Report how long you survived, and what your path was Feel free to discuss! This was a fun one for my roommate and me to theorycraft the best route and determine what the best location would be to end in.
  9. Yes please! Item Priority has come up a few times over the past year, so I know there are others who want it, too! This should include things like: what item you pull out as your light source, what weapon you pull out when hunting, what weapon you default to in a Struggle, what item you drop as a decoy, what ignition source to default to when starting a fire, etc.
  10. Have you actually tried hauling 100 raw guts in the game? I don’t mean that sarcastically; I actually am curious if you are confirming that 100 raw guts only gave you one stink bar, or if that was just a creative exaggeration. I had a theory on the scent mechanics, where each stinky item had an invisible stink value, and the stink bars just indicate a range of values (so one bar might be between 1 and 20, two bars might be 21-40...), which would indicate that a single raw gut has a small value since you say holding ten units doesn’t raise you above one stink bar. Since ten raw guts used to equate to two or three stink bars back when I conducted stink experiments, it seems all of my info is no longer accurate. ::sigh:: Blank Excel spreadsheet, here we go again...
  11. Personally, I’d be happy if you could just find various colored push-pins somewhere and then poke them into your map. Then you can designate your own meaning to each color and mark all sorts of useful things! Green could be “stockpile I left behind”, blue could be “indoor stove”, red could be “spotted a bear here”, etc.
  12. Yup, I also suggested this last year. I—without fail—forget that I need to select a weapon at the beginning of every Wolf Struggle, so always accidentally select my bare hands (the selection screen feels so out of context to me at the time that, even though I know it’s a thing, its presence always confuses me). And I see no reason why I wouldn’t equip my hatchet as I see the wolf run at me. Upon reflection of my original suggestion, I can see how requesting to put the weapon directly in my hand while I explore could be a slippery slope leading to an overhaul of the melee fighting system (eg, “if it’s already in my hand, why can’t I swing with it?”). So perhaps the simpler solution would be to select a weapon as a “primary” one, which you default to in a Wolf Struggle, thus removing the weapon selection screen entirely?
  13. If they were to implement your suggestion, I think it would raise too many questions about why you can still use your hands just fine... then it’s basically requesting special animation showing you doing things with several dead fingers, and ultimately, I see no way for this to ever be solved in a truly satisfactory way. Perhaps it’s best they just leave frostbite in the mind’s eye so we don’t really have to think about how we’re alive with a frost bitten head... Unless you’re suggesting a rework of the frostbite system so that different frost bitten body parts have different effects (eg, feet would increase trip chance and decrease speed, hands would increase the time to do anything, head would be rewritten to nose/ears and remove your ability to tell when you stink/remove all animal sounds from the game). With the condition having more impact on the game, it would make more sense to have a visual reminder on the character’s hands, though I don’t think it would be fully necessary.
  14. This is perhaps the most elegant solution I have seen for the rotted meat still being edible exploit! Yes, a million upvotes to this post! Further, I think that food should lose calories as it decays. It’s ridiculous that you can eat a rotted hunk of meat at 0% condition and still get the full calorie intake of a freshly cooked steak.