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  1. Thanks for the information folks! I played into the middle of Episode 1 and never had any problems with the subtitles after the first scene. it only affected the very first intro in my case. If it's already reported I won't worry about adding it to their database then! Cheers all!
  2. Hi all, I just fired up The Long Dark after being away for a bit and decided to start a new save in the first chapter of Wintermute. However, it seems that the subtitles are broken. Instead of the normal text, I see what looks like the actual filename reference to the line that should be playing, instead of the line itself. Example in the screen shots. I've tried verifying files and there doesn't seem to be an issue with the rest of the game, as I can play in sandbox mode with the subtitles working fine. Has anyone run into this problem since the last patch? Any help would be appreciated! Cheers! PC specs for reference (It's a 4 year old gaming laptop and runs this game like a dream): Intel i7 2.4ghz 16GB RAM, Nvidia 765M Windows 7
  3. I understand this problem well. My eyesight isn't very good and the font is hard to read for me. Hopefully they will add an option to make font a bit bigger.
  4. I feel your pain @SnowWalker and @mic . My steam backlog is massive and every time I sit down to try a game, I usually end up being pulled away from it by something else. When you get a chance to finally play it, the game is so worth it. Somber, challenging and replayable, I recommend it all the time to people
  5. Oh boy! More ways to die! Hopefully when things settle down for me I can jump back into FTL and give it another go.
  6. Heroes of Might & Magic III was also up there in my list of favorite games for sure. FTL is a great game too, I just suck at playing it. I'm terrible at the rogue like thing yet I keep trying!
  7. Top 5! 1. Maniac Mansion (C64) This started my love affair with video games. 2. Phantasy Star I - IV - Such a good classic RPG for the Genesis. Wasn't big on the series that came after it. 3. Might & Magic VI, VII & VIII - I can't tell you how many times I've played through those 3 games. And it breaks my hear that 3DO went under. The new publishers have long lost the feeling and heart of the old games. 4. Star Ocean Til the End of Time - Not normally a huge JRPG person, but this one didn't shy away from pushing the boundaries. Also, has a super interesting take on the 'simulation theory' (The english voice acting was awful though for a lot of it.) 5. This War of Mine.
  8. It's complete now, and it's fantastic. It came out of Early Access last month! It's definitely more of a narrative storytelling/adventure than a true survival game. Keeping Carl's health (stress, temperature, etc) is really what gives people the impression it's a survival game. That said, they did a great job putting it all together and I can hope the rest of the games in the series are just as good!
  9. Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I'm not sure I follow why you posted this?
  10. Oh I'm not worried or upset about it at all Patrick, I just thought I'd let the people following this have a heads up about it before anything changes. Kind of an FYI to people who've been following my stuff and may be questioning what comes next for me! I'm super excited for the new update and it will probably improve things even more from an immersion standpoint. This is the best thing that can happen to my writing practice once I get back to it! Onward!
  11. As of the next update it appears my savegame will no longer be compatible with the game. HOWEVER, I'm not going to stop the series or quit writing. What I'm planning on doing is this: I plan on keeping the entries as they are, possibly editing a few to allow for new mechanics that were implemented. I will then replay a new save, up until the point in the series where I left off, endeavoring to remain as close to the original supplies and setup as I had previously. I won't know how well this will work until I see how the changes affect the save games. I don't like the idea of manipulating my save game so that's not an option. I will make this work somehow, it's just a case of waiting until I can get some experience with the test branch/update to see how it's going to help or hinder my attempts. All that said, Ilia's story will continue as planned when I return! And if anyone has some suggestions for me as to how to make this whole transition easier, let me know!
  12. Thanks for the outreach Raphael. It's good to see you willing to take responsibility for the countdown. I don't think it was the countdown that got everyone so upset. I still believe that it's the hype that a lot of us built around the mystery of the countdown. You and your team seem like honest people with nothing but goodwill towards the player base. That being said, it's okay for people to be upset. It's okay to be disappointed, but the way some of you on this thread are behaving is unbelievably rude and immature. I'm sorry, but constructive criticism and outright vitriol are two different things and you shouldn't be proud of wishing ill on others. Ever.
  13. @tnbp, I wouldn't say it's a 'you' problem. I think other people feel the same way. I said something like this back on Steam a few weeks ago so I apologize if anyone feels like this is deja vu. I usually stand back and observe, only really adding to the conversation when I feel it necessary. That being said, I don't feel any worry of disappointment or nervousness over the countdown. Perhaps it's my optimism, or the fact that I am old enough to have had my share of 'betrayals' and trust that Raphael and Co, will not break that trust. I understand and can sympathize with each person here and how it's affected them good or bad. Coming in here and simply criticizing someone for being upset or praising someone for being happy or excited doesn't really help anyone. Understanding why people feel this way does help. So even if you don't agree and want to comment, the best way to do it is by being civil and polite. Firm but not condescending. Personally, I'm okay with how they choose to do things. Not everyone is going to agree. The official forums here are amazing for being civil and polite despite arguments and disagreements. Our community is one of the best there is. However, since we all seem to be discussing the countdown and our feelings in general, I'd like to post some observations: Before I continue I want to put it out there that this doesn't refer to anyone in particular in this thread or other places. This is simply some observation from the sidelines. If I may, I think a lot of this 'doom & gloom' I've seen here and especially on Steam seems to come from a few camps of people: 1. Those who have been burned by Early-access before and are now hyper aware of every little thing that can go wrong. Every delay, every moment of silence, anything that could be perceived as a sign the the project will be abandoned. This has lead to a lot of anxiety over what the countdown means, and has even caused some normally rational people to lash out unexpectedly at the developers and other forum goers. 2. The group who doesn't understand how the process of game design and Early-access really works. They've already been soured by their experience enough to try and inject it into every post they make. This countdown has given them ample ammunition. 3. Those who feel that because they bought into the Early-Access program, the game must be tailored to their whims. This includes all PR and announcements as well as marketing decisions. Some have even misinterpreted what has been said and gotten upset at what amounted to nothing. These are of course just generalizations and there are far more reasons than these three but this has been a majority of the posts I've read. No matter how you feel about the situation, at the end we all need to take a step back. We all love the game. We've rode out the highs and lows of development and we've all had our gripes about how certain things are handled. What we have to remember is not to get into the mindset that this is our game. We don't own it. We didn't make it. This was community informed, not community-driven. Sure a lot of our feedback was taken into consideration but in no way did they have to ask us for permission to do their work. We are all passionate fans, we all want the game to be the one we looked forward to from the beginning. But we can't force anyone to do what pleases us personally. There is more at stake for the people at Hinterland than for us playing. I would like to think they planned this out painstakingly before setting the PR plan into motion. This is their one moment to get this right. This is one of the most important moments the director and his team will ever face. This will make or break the studio. So all I ask is that you give feedback, be constructive and state your opinion but don't forget those who poured years of work into this game. If this ends up being a PR disaster then they've learned a valuable lesson. The modern world and especially the internet has infected all of us with it's cynicism, and I'm only hoping it isn't causing all of us to unconsciously look forward to drama and failure. TL;DR - I'm okay with the countdown. I'm okay with people who aren't okay with the countdown. But please don't let the internet cynicism seep into things and turn you all against each other. Don't forget the person on the other end and how it affects them too. Just my $0.02.
  14. Quick update: Real life has kept me busy these last few months and I probably won't get back to writing until at least June or so. Without going into too much detail, my duties of being a caregiver to my fiance come before my hobbies and should anything go awry in his condition I have to drop things suddenly until they are stable again. That being said, I will continue writing this and Ilia's story will continue, I just may have to edit and compare the new additions to the game to what I've already stated in my writings. Hopefully this will mean I can continue on without having to restart (which happened when I first started writing thanks to a drive failure). I apologize for making everyone wait, but I will get back to writing this as soon as I can. Every comment has encouraged me to keep pushing through the writer's blocks that plague me from time to time.
  15. My survivor, Ilia, has a series of entries in a journal collection here on the forums! (It's super long so I won't spam it) But essentially she's searching for her husband, who disappeared in the region while delivering supplies to a remote part of the island. The longer winded part can be found here: (aiming for 200 entries, it's on hold at the moment due to Real life obligations. ) A Witness to the Quiet Apocolypse