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So, the life jacket would have pros and cons. I'll list them and give opinions.



-Makes your clothes less wet when you fall in the water due to you rising to the surface.

-Armour. protects clothes under it from attacks.


-Always find it 100% wet, have to dry it.

-Slows you down by 25% less sprinting.

-If you fall in the water once, it goes 100% wet again.

I also forgot it always has to be on the outer layer. You can't wear more than one.

What do you think?

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When you fall through the ice in Long Dark, you only fall through waist-down. You never fall completely under - if you did, the ice would close after you (the solid ice on the water is buoyant) and you would never find the hole to get out again, you would almost surely drown. Every year many people die from falling through the ice completely.

Also, if you try it out, you will see that if you fall through the ice, only the bottom half of your clothes will become wet, anything from waist up will be dry. Makes sense - in the case of Forlorn muskeg, you would be falling into a bog, which is not going to be very deep, and the ice is thin on them because the water below it is not that deep.

In the case of Coastal or Desolation point, well, you are falling into the sea, but you would likely catch on with your hands and you wouldn't go below with your head. 
And even if you did, the weak ice is only close to the very edge, so you would be able to see from below the ice where the ice ends and you would be able to swim up there.

But for simplicity reasons, "falling through ice" means falling waist down and not more. 
Additionally, life jackets are basically a vest filled with air. If you got attacked by a wolf, it would ruin it with a single tear, it would hardly provide any protection at all. 

And I kind of question whether you ever had a life jacket on yourself or have been in a cold environment, if you honestly think they would provide any warmth at all. They are not designed to do that, in order to float on top of the water, they need to be somewhat loose and they don't provide ANY warmth at all.

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