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  1. I went on a Camp Trip a little while back, and i got some pictures. I didn't get much because my phone kept dying from the cold, running 5%-20% all the time.
  2. My family hunts geese in the spring, We use shotguns, they can go from the weak child of the .410 single shot to the complete shoulder dislocator 9000 of the 16 gauge single shot. I use a 20 gauge shotgun. We also bring out 22. rifles for target practice, hunting and just for partridge hunting.
  3. My substitute teacher for one of my classes, they reminded the class about something important: "When you go out there, Your not the boss." She was damn right. Look at every one of these stories. Marvelous.
  4. I made a little story on Wattpad, Inspired by The Long Dark, Called The Silent Snow. (stupid title I know) and since it's my first story I ever written. I will accept every critique for improvement, And I'll give you the link and this: (Warning: The story has profanity, Serious tones, and gore.) (also I'm only on chapter two rn so its gonna get serious soon) OK HERE'S THE LINK: P.S: leave the Critiques here, please.
  5. I agree. Did you hear about Brian's Winter? It reminded me EXACTLY of TLD.
  6. at least the wolves get a cooked meal
  7. Every year my class goes to an island during fall and we learn how to make mud decoys and blinds. This was all we could see when we got in the boats. I know this ain't survival-ish but I just wanted to share this pic.
  8. So, the life jacket would have pros and cons. I'll list them and give opinions. Pros: -Warmth. -Makes your clothes less wet when you fall in the water due to you rising to the surface. -Armour. protects clothes under it from attacks. Cons: -Always find it 100% wet, have to dry it. -Slows you down by 25% less sprinting. -If you fall in the water once, it goes 100% wet again. I also forgot it always has to be on the outer layer. You can't wear more than one. What do you think?
  9. What if there were lifejackets in the lake/coastal areas? Hear me out.
  10. If TLD had a small spin-off like named: The Long Dark: 2 Trails, and that stuff that'd be nice. but... *Pelo activated* BUUUUUUuuuUUUUUUuuuTTTTTT!!! there is another game I heard of called "The Wild Eight". it has a winterish setting with wolves and stuff. similar. I never played it so I can't give an opinion.
  11. and no i didn't kill a deer, we hunt geese and trap rabbit over there