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I just completed my story Episode 2 yesterday. I ditched my Pilgrim mode survival and started a Voyager at about the same time that I started story mode. I continued my Voyager after I finished Wintermute Episode 2. My Voyager is on 78 days, I am currently at the Hunting Lodge in Broken Railroad. I tried to hunt a Moose to no success. I put 2 or 3 rifle rounds in the Moose before it stomped on me. I tried to sneak away and then it stomped on me again, but I survived (holy S**t lol). SO I waited for it to walk far enough away and then I slowly floated back to the Cabin to treat my wounds and rest it off. I got cabin fever trying to rest it off, so now I am outside by a downed tree shooting arrows at the Moose from a distance. I managed to hit it once with an arrow, when you do that he chases after you so I go up the downed tree where he cannot get me. I am out of rile rounds and all my arrows are all over where the moose is (he won't die lol). I didn't think killing the Moose would be the tough. I want that Moose Satchel though because I am always so encumbered with stuff.

Anyways. I like where Wintermute is going. I can't wait to see what happens next and play further in. I want to know more about those characters that were introduced into the story.

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