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  1. Some choice screenshots from my saved screenshots folder, in no particular order. Every now and again, I just have to stop, ignore the cold, the wind, the danger, ignore everything and just stop and marvel at the sheer beauty that can be found in this game. I really love this one. Love the contrast between the torch and the aurora. How great is this shot? It looks like the whole horizon is on fire.
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    You find the rope yet?
  3. Pretty much exactly this. I get that some people will be disappointed. But I, for one, loved everything about this whole build-up. I loved checking the website every day just to watch the countdown get closer. I loved logging in at 12:15 CDT and seeing..... A new Website. Ta Da! Seriously. The only reason people are so disappointed is that they allowed themselves to get all excited about story mode despite the absolute fact that we were told specifically that Story Mode wouldn't be released until after another Sandbox update. Nothing Hinterland has done with this entire stunt should have given anyone any indication whatsoever that Story Mode would be released today. What this did do is generate a lot of excitement in the community. And I think that's awesome. Maybe some part of this was @Raphael van Lierop and the team having a bit of fun at our expense. And you know what? I'm 100% fine with that. They've been busting their asses for well over two years on this project. They deserve a bit of levity. Kudos on the launch of the new website. Double Kudos on the timeline for the releases of the next update and Story Mode. And Triple Kudos on the new trailer. Well played, Hinterland. Well played.
  4. I'm not sure what your budget is, but I bought this ASUS gaming laptop off Amazon in November, and it's been awesome for gaming. I accidentally bought the 17" screen, but the 15.5" screen should be fine, and it's quite a bit cheaper than the 17". Hope this helps. *edit* - It runs TLD spectacularly...
  5. I was perusing the steam reviews for a different survival game, Stranded Deep. A prevailing theme for the most recent reviews were that the Devs of that game had lost their way, according to the reviewers. Their main complaint was that in recent updates, the Stranded Deep Devs had put so much time and effort into upgrading and adding new crafting and building options that the game had begun to lose the things about it that made it great to begin with. One post in particular described an early playthrough where they thought they were good with their journey, but it quickly went south and they almost died. (Sound familiar?). But since then, there had been too much focus on making more crap to build and too little focus on making it feel like a true risk vs. reward survival game. For one, that is what I love most about TLD. Ever since I started playing, I've loved the genuine emotions that this game forces me to experience by playing. I'm not saying that I'm against more craftable items. But I don't want the spirit of what makes TLD so great to be lost in the effort. Would it be neat to build a cabin wherever I want? Maybe. But that's not what TLD is about IMHO. There are plenty of habitable structures scattered throughout the game. Sure they might not always have all the storage I would want, or they might be located at a somewhat inconvenient spot on the map. But part of choosing to bed down in them is accepting the 'Risk vs. Reward' aspect of staying there. And the decisions I have to make in order to stay there. I love that anytime i walk outside in this game, there's a very real chance that I won't be coming back home at night. That raw realness is one of the biggest reason TLD is such a great game. And I'd hate to lose that because the focus shifted from making a great survival game to making a great living in the woods game.
  6. My long dark stories always play out exactly the same. When I start a new game, if I can survive the first couple of days, I tend to get very successful. This is where I run into problems. Not with boredom so much, as was suggested above, though that does happen too. No, my problems usually rear their head around the 50 day mark. That's when I've been successfully surviving. And then I get confident. Which, from my experience with TLD is exactly the same thing as overconfident. I'm a little less wary when walking through the woods. Less on the lookout for fluffies. Or I'm a little too brazen with navigating on cliffs. Or I'm convinced that I can definitely make that run from Trappers to Coastal Highway with just a couple of hours left in the day, because the weather is so clear and anyways I know the map pretty well. It's always something. But after over 1100 hours of gameplay, I can safely say that about 10% of my deaths are attributable to freak occurrences that have me screaming "B.S" at my computer, and the other 90% are attributable to sheer hubris. That's what keeps me coming back. I love a game that punishes hubris so absolutely. And yet it gets me every time. I guess this post doesn't have anything to do with sustainability, but it seemed appropriate. As for sustainability, I like the OP's idea. As far as gameplay goes, I think we'll have to see where the Devs take the idea of sustainability once they implement seasons (if it ever happens.) My hope would be that while playing in the sandbox, they would program the game such that the seasons would progress in the sandbox. If so, some measure of long term sustainability would definitely have to accompany that feature. Otherwise the game would become unplayable. As with everything in TLD, we shall simply have to wait and see what the Devs have in store for us.
  7. The way I see it: it's either Story Mode, or it isn't. I'm fine with either. I've waited for two years for story mode. In that time, I've seen numerous updates. I've seen this Early Access, Alpha sandbox game progress, grow, falter, reassess, and come back stronger than ever. I've gotten so much more entertainment for my $20 investment than I ever could have anticipated or hoped for. As of this writing, I've invested 1168 hours of gameplay into TLD. A whopping $0.02 US per hour of game time. During those 1168 hours, I've felt genuine anxiety. Genuine fear. Genuine joy. Genuine accomplishment. Genuine heartache. That's a hell of a return on investment. Hinterland has already made a hell of a great game, and it's still ALPHA. I've gotten more than my money's worth, and I've somehow still been promised more? You'll hear no complaints from me. Keep up the good work, Hinterland.
  8. Oh. Wow! Just had to jump in with a note to the Devs. I'm only about 5 minutes into playing the new update. The new artwork, especially on the grasses, is absolutely beautiful. Well done! Take all the time you need on story mode. I'm definitely eager to play it, but I can also definitely wait until it's something you're proud to release. Thanks again for all of your hard work on this game. It's easily the best value I've ever gotten from $20.
  9. Good question. I'm sure I had. But all I mean by that is that instead of quitting out of the game completely, I just hit escape to pause the game and then close the laptop screen. When I restart the game again, Often, but not always, I see wolves that are covered by a black box. Attached is a screen shot of the black box I'm talking about. Obviously, this isn't the image from my above story, but it is a fair representation of the box covering a wolf. I've seen this frequently, going back months. I have never complained about it before, because as I mentioned, it often alerts me to wolves far before I would normally see them. I figured it was a glitch, but it was a glitch I usually appreciated. This time, however, the black box wasn't moving, and it was right on the ice, as though the wolf it was laying there blocking was already dead. (I've seen that happen many times in the past as well, so it appeared "Normal" to me.) Turns out, that was wrong. The wolf walked down the slope on the right side of the river access as you enter it from mystery lake. Otherwise, It was as I described it. I was in the process of moving my gear from Camp Office to Coastal Highway. It was my last load, so I was definitely overloaded, maybe 90lbs/45kg. Other than that, I had a full belly, was fully hydrated, well rested (I had just woke up less than an hour before) the weather was actually clear for once, and I was at 100% condition. It was a perfect, beautiful day for traveling. Right up until that wolf attack. The attack itself was surprising, but started out like any other. I only knew there was a problem when I was mashing the hell out of the mouse button, and the attack progress bar never moved. I had resigned myself to waiting out the attack, but renewed my efforts when my condition continued to drop far, far past where I expected it to fall. All the way to zero. I'm not really sure what else I can tell you, but if you have more questions I sure will try.
  10. This obviously isn't the wolf that attacked me in the aforementioned post. But I had mentioned seeing on a number of occasions a black box covering up wolves. Here's a screen shot of the box I'm talking about.
  11. We are the tired. We are the cold. We are the hungry. We are the hyper-vigilant. We are the Wolf Slayers. We are the real Walking Dead.
  12. Nope. And Nope. I get it. I've died more times than I can count playing this game, and I can almost always attribute it to some mistake or another. This time though, none of the usual suspects apply. I was in perfect health, warm, fat, and happy. I was carrying probably 90 lbs of stuff, so like I said, I was definitely overloaded. But I hadn't traveled far enough for that to have an impact. The glitch this time was the attack just never ended, and the fight progress bar never moved, no matter how much mashing of the mouse button I tried.
  13. I'm reposting this here on the suggestion of another member.
  14. I was definitely overloaded, since I was in the process of relocating. But I had just woken up from a full night's sleep, with a full belly, full thirst meter, and 100% condition. Clad in a wolfskin coat, deerskin boots, and fuzzy bunny mittens. I was about as protected as I could be. I had gone from the Camp Office to the entrance to the river across from the fishing hut on Mystery Lake. Not even remotely far enough to get tuckered out. I get what you're saying, because I've died that death before too. But this time, it simply didn't make sense. I find that in my experience, about 95% of my deaths can be directly attributed to sheer, unadulterated hubris. This one was not one of those.