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On 5/5/2017 at 9:43 AM, BoyWonder said:

So I'm a new member, and I'm LOVING the Long Dark so far! really hyped for the game to update and just hype xD 


But hi!

Welcome -- great that you've joined us here. And it's a good time to stop by and get to know everyone. We'll be running a test build soon for the new update and there will be a lot to look over in terms of feedback on the new features. Looking forward to seeing you around. 

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Thanks everyone for the very warm welcomes! This is one of few games that have held my imagination for longer then just a few days before it fell in the 'meh' bin. Right now I'm trapped in a cabin by a wolf without flares. So this could be an interesting story to tell I guess if I survive XD

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54 minutes ago, Mortan1234 said:

classic tale of how i often meet my end. (always keep a bandage btw)

I managed to get out of this difficulty by uh trial and error and working out -where- it was patrolling and running like heck the other way. Got into the gas station with no wolf bites on me

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