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  1. Well that is unfortunate. I hope they fix that. It is really cool to customize your game to what you wish but is sucks when it doesn't work.
  2. Hello Hinterlands forums! It has been a while since i played the game (before story mode), and after finally coming back to it i was excited to play the new custom mode. One of the things i noticed was the ability to turn struggle clothing damage to none (great i hate loosing my pants in a fight), but then the next thing i know, i got in a fight with a bear and he destroyed all of my clothes. 2 were ruined, most were at low values, you get the idea. Just wondering if i misinterpreted the meaning in the custom mode selection or if this is a bug. Anyway thanks. Its good to be back in the long dark.
  3. If we are being honest the only update i am looking for is mod support. it would be really benefit the game if the community were able to optionally modify it to their desires. In any case have patience, updates are always slow (after all we have been playing the waiting game for the past three and a half years, whats a few more months)
  4. wait you left mystery lake? i didnt know that you could do that in this challenge. anyway like patrick said tracking is a big thing in this challenge so keep charging the bear (you are the hunter after all) only shoot when he charges you and if you do this right you should finish in 1 or 2 days. i have always found more bullets in the cabin so grab those for getting rid of meddlesome wolves. now i have probably already said too much so i will leave you with this: remember this is a challenge so survival is not a huge priority, just get to the end. dont leave mystery lake just follow the bear. shoot when necessary never otherwise. last time i completed this i got hypothermia right before the end and that was from being outside most of the time after the cabin. if you still struggle then look up a guide.
  5. perhaps it is more accurate to say that every time the weapons cache appears the guy is gone. i just tried out a few runs and found no dead guy but the cache was also not there. in mathematic proofs that is called the converse and if the original sentence is correct then the converse is not necessarily also true.
  6. interesting observation. i will have to check in to that.
  7. i too feel at home with a dead guy leaning against the wall near me. oh is that not what you meant? nvm.
  8. It would seem that people who complain about how hard it is to play this game are being ignored. Listening to them is just another "boy who cried wolf".
  9. i dont see a reason to release a fish. for as far as i know the size of fish caught is based on a random dice roll so if you catch a fish (even if it is small) you should keep it. if you are encumbered then i recommend dropping them just outside your fishing hut as you can cook and transport them later an they dont reduce in condition when kept in the cold (also cooked fish are lighter so when transporting try to move only cooked things). if you are worried about running out of fire time then i recommend cooking your largest fish first then work on your others later. hope this helps.
  10. some of these already exist. there are already toolboxes in the game which can spawn tools in them and can hold any item (given that weight is not exceeded). and some are not necessary such as containers for water and oil. water comes in the form of water bottles and oil comes in the form of a jerry can, which can both be either placed on the ground for storage or in a preexisting container. a way to increase backpack space (carryweight) would be really cool, perhaps by crafting an improved wolf skin backpack. maybe i just like the crafting mechanic too much, but then again i always get so many wolf skins and have not much else to do with them after i make 2 coats. something else to craft out of wolf would be nice.
  11. Welcome to the hinterland community @Shanklesbread, glad to meet you. Where do you make your home in the long dark and why. personally i stay either in trappers cabin or in the coastal highway gas station because there is plenty of hunting game in each area to sustain one's self for a long time.
  12. 1st: you were not fully hydrated when you slept. always drink as much as you can before sleeping. if you are completely saturated when you sleep then you will become thirsty and start loosing condition shortly after 10 hours of sleep. (you lost quite a bit of condition due to sleeping for too long and for not being hydrated) 2nd: if you drank unsafe water then don't you need to drink like 2 liters of safe water as well as sleep 10 hours? diseases in this game will wreck you so it is usually better to avoid them. (always avoid unsafe water, you are better off losing 5% condition and boiling it than you are to get dysentery) 3rd: you need to recognize when you are in bad shape (parasites , cabin fever, dysentery, low condition, etc) and use your tea to gain more condition when you sleep (i recommend only sleeping 10 hours). you had tea and enough water to make it so you should have done so to preserve condition. hope this helps.
  13. if you can avoid bears and wolves like a boss then it is worth it to use an e-stim to climb the last and longest rope, however if you are like everyone else here then it is a bad idea to waste a stim on that, just use coffee or keep a bedroll handy.
  14. welcome to the hinterlands community @Brandon from Alabama and @The Apache. glad to see you here.
  15. having a companion (like a dog that you have to invest in to gain its trust) would be great for surviving would be great for morale in the quiet apocalypse (and would add a layer of beautiful heartbreak when he gets mauled by a bear).