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  1. So I'm just about to go live for my second Survival Stream - set in Pleasant Valley! Please feel free to join me as I attempt to survive the Long Dark!
  2. I managed to get out of this difficulty by uh trial and error and working out -where- it was patrolling and running like heck the other way. Got into the gas station with no wolf bites on me
  3. Thanks everyone for the very warm welcomes! This is one of few games that have held my imagination for longer then just a few days before it fell in the 'meh' bin. Right now I'm trapped in a cabin by a wolf without flares. So this could be an interesting story to tell I guess if I survive XD
  4. I'll definitely make sure of that and I certainly wouldn't dream of charging money for it! If anything I prefer to stomach any costs for myself as I treat it as simply a hobby and something I enjoy, and sharing that enjoyment with other people
  5. So first of all please please please just tell me if this isn't allowed - but inspired by The Long Dark I've been working on a forum based play by post roleplaying game. The aim is to make it every bit as brutal as the game can be, but to allow for more stories to be told. I'm working on adding in further skills and obviously the style of play will be slightly different to the game. But either way - the link is here: And I'd love some feedback at least, or if people are interested.
  6. I admit I was hyped for the countdown to end. However the update knowing when story mode is had me fanboying and that fanboying has a few people interested in the game as I had all that shiny NEW content to share with them and be excited with and go "OMG JUST LOOK AT THIS LUSH VID!" and "JUST LOOK AT THE AMAZE ART" and they could hype with me because it was new to them! So for me I didn't mind this countdown - but I am a relatively newer member to the community. Yes I thought it was story mode being released but equally what was released has me so excited for story mode I'm hyping even more!
  7. So I'm a new member, and I'm LOVING the Long Dark so far! really hyped for the game to update and just hype xD But hi!