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1 hour ago, Patrick Carlson said:

It's a suggestion that's come up before and we know there's interest in it. We are aware "neatness" is important to many survivors! Thanks again for putting it on our radar. 

A few hurdles i see your team facing is it can only rotate among the (x and z?) axis? Or how would, say, being able to lean a rifle against a tree work?

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Such a rotation capability could help to create more dynamic situations for correct placement of items for constructing a variety of things such as deadfall traps, for flint knapping, for placing stones for a fire pit, for arranging chairs to facilitate hanging clothing to dry, for stacking wood piles neatly for moving a container such as a wood bin, for constructing various things such as a drying rack for jerky or clothing, placing ladders, repairing buildings, bridging gaps over streams with boards or logs...

It would also be nice to be able to arrange something to make fires on slopes as that is currently not permitted. Animals seem to have a habit of seeking out slopes to die. What's with that?? NO FAIR! At least let us drag them down hill or quarter them up!

My coat is soaked! Please let me hang it up to dry properly!! Coat hooks? a moveable coat stand? A tripod of sticks near a fire?

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