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I had 45 days. Had everything in the world item wise... Hammer, bow, rifle, ammo, arrows, and both flare guns. I had been everywhere had 52% of the map discovered... Died of good poision from a can of peaches that was 45% value in the echo ravine chasm cave.. in timberwolf mountain... had an hour left on my rest needed... And died...

That's not really what upset me... This is my longest run and i died in a very small way it almost hurts...

WHAT PISSES ME OFF IS THIS, I got the note from the mountaineers hut on crystal lake, after i died and started reading all my notes on all my days I found the note and it said 'examine'.

The screen had the note (the 3 days about him waiting for his friends in the cabin then going out) then in the bottom right it said 'quit to menu'.



@admin Anyway I can get the files back or the save or the journal? It's completely deleted and I'm crying on the inside. Please help I can only be strong for so long.

(btw I only want it back for the journal. If i can only get the save I will kill myself by trying to get food poising by eating raw rancid meat, I only want the journal).


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As far as I know the journal is not saved anywhere unless you do so on purpose.  So there's no backup or anything for you to retrieve.Sorry for your loss. :(

If you're sure you didn't just click on a wrong button accidentally but really had no option to save your journal after reading the mountaineer's note, I can move this thread to the bug forums if you like.  Which platform are you playing on? 

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I'm playing on the PC, steam.

I was reading my journal after death (I treated the food poising with antibiotics but it takes like 4 hours of rest to work I think) and I saw the mountaineers note (I never read it because I was freezing when I found it) and instead of clicking on 'save journal' I clicked 'examine note' and the whole screen went black and the note was in text format in the top right, in the bottom right was the 'quit to menu' button. No save or back button (trust me I furiously clicked every inch of that screen) while i was furiously clicking an image of the note turning would sometimes randomly come out of nowhere for half a frame (kind of like the game thought I was in my backpack reading it instead of the journal menu).

Yes please do move to support (the issue being viewing the mountaineers note after death in the journal then being forced to quit to menu). 

I still have the '40 days' achievment (really bummed about not reaching 50) with my 82 hours of play time xD. And the way I died was so silly and so small... I had so many things... It was like god tripping on a pebble and breaking his neck... I mean I had EVERYTHING I was on my way back from my third trip to the summit of timberwolf mountain (the cockpit thing with the flares) I went everywhere. I was trying to get MRE's so I could go on a trip to a forge so I could make more arrow heads for my bow... I had all the craftable clothes (was in the middle of making the pants and had all the parts for the bedroll) had so much supplies I could've lived without leaving the house for at least 20 days.

I would occasionally go on bear hunts with my trusty flare gun (I had both flare guns and all the flares from timberwolf mountain and the ravine) I survived so many close calls from having no wood and being in the middle of a snow storm with my travel gear on (light clothes only a knife and a firestarter) I survived just about EVERY scenario there is. I can't think of a single thing I haven't done besides getting wet from falling thru ice (did that on my first playthru), (this one being my 6th).

Yep life was good. Then a 45% can of peaches and bad luck killed me in the end. I even only had an hour left in the rest period for it... had a fire going for way longer than needed for my sleep... Oh well...

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