Where is Fluffy, please


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Not sure if is RNG, Bug, or some kind of joke, but anyways...

After 120+ hours of gameplay and approx. 30 times visiting CHD I've never faced Fluffy in there.

I've tried Pilgrim, Voyageur, Stalker difficulties of Sandbox, as well as passing through during Challenges (HR, Hunted, Nomad) - he(she) never appears.

I've tried deleting and installing the game again, as well as cleaning up Saves folder - nothing helps.

You should say I had to be glad for such luck, but I really want to meet Fluffy...

Any ideas on how to solve this problem? 

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 I have played 50 plus unique saves on Pilgrim, Voyager, and Stalker and only once encountered Fluffy when going through the dam. If I don't encounter her the first time I go through the dam, I never encounter her. Chances are you're getting a lucky break and your games aren't loading her.

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